Premium Indica Freebie Jay

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I found a cache of freebie Js from Merlin and pulled one out that was labeled “Premium Indica Freebie Jay.” I decided to open it up and filled a bowl, but not before noticing that the ground flower was a very dark green, sticky, with an interesting consistency almost like kinetic sand. We smoked it and went out back and enjoyed a fire. We were stoned! There was a really nice pressure across our foreheads back past our temples. It’s been over three hours and we’re still feeling it…hard. I have no idea what strain it was and I’ve had most of these Js for awhile (lately I’ve been getting freebie gummies). I really wasn’t thinking about smell or taste, but the effects were amazing, unique, hard hitting, and long lasting. @MerlinsMagic ?? Anyone have any ideas?😁😎🧐


  • Sounds good lol

  • Mystery green

  • Definitely a mystery @MikeyC!
    I don’t think it’s Jager @TreesPlz. Jager has that strong anis/licorice flavor, but a good guess.😁
    It was exceptional @Vapedad78 ! Just wish we knew what it was!🤣😎🧐

  • Hey, I’m not sure… we will sometimes grind down the bottoms of the bags and put indicas together… so maybe the blend was stony because of all the different terps?

    Ya know how if you smoke one strain too long it doesn’t affect you as much? Possibly that.

  • And that's what I always try keep variety around

  • @TheProfessor definitely variety of flower and when can variety of form like edibles, tincture, vapes, dabs and use for different purposes throughout day or week depending on ailments and mental state

  • @Vapedad78 Yep, a variety of flower, some vapes, a couple different kinds of edibles, a couple different concentrates, and topicals…THC lotions for my hands and joints (arthritis). I’m mostly into flower though. I like a lot of variety and a lot of it.😁 I rotate through strains. Got to have my medicine,😉😎🧐

  • I had to back up off of it and sit my cup down

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