Premium Indica Freebie Jay

edited September 2023 in General

I found a cache of freebie Js from Merlin and pulled one out that was labeled “Premium Indica Freebie Jay.” I decided to open it up and filled a bowl, but not before noticing that the ground flower was a very dark green, sticky, with an interesting consistency almost like kinetic sand. We smoked it and went out back and enjoyed a fire. We were stoned! There was a really nice pressure across our foreheads back past our temples. It’s been over three hours and we’re still feeling it…hard. I have no idea what strain it was and I’ve had most of these Js for awhile (lately I’ve been getting freebie gummies). I really wasn’t thinking about smell or taste, but the effects were amazing, unique, hard hitting, and long lasting. @MerlinsMagic ?? Anyone have any ideas?😁😎🧐


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