Here’s a new one!

Anyone gotten a tin of gumdrops from @MerlinsMagic that was not scored into 20?


  • Is it possible they melted together?

  • That’s what I was thinking @friendsofbillw. I get the tins regularly and they’ve always been 20 individual square gummies.

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    I just finished those tins this weekend that went on sale when medmama bounced

  • Damn I wish I could hold on to em like that lol 2 of us on a tin but try make one last close to a month probably barely over 3 weeks each though lol but yeah only 20 cubes never solid chunk

  • Tins, plural.

  • @TreesPlz i buy usually 8 a month 😂 I’ve never seen this before! I laughed so hard! It’s like one big round 500mg killer gummy! @Vapedad78 if I can figure out how to post a pic I will! No way it melted, all my others were good and stored exactly the same!

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  • I wish I knew more people liked edibles much as I do cause would definitely stock pile just afraid since can't really refrigerate and don't want getting mold on any

  • @Vapedad78 what makes you think you can't refrigerate or freeze editables?

  • I keep mine in the fridge due to the humidity down here so they won't mold.

  • Cause got too many nosy little shits running round might accidentally grab em lol otherwise most definitely would

  • @Vapedad78 you should empty out a bulk size bottle of men’s health gummies, or even better, a laxative container and put in your own gummies. Then say they are spicy so you’re putting them in the freezer so they don’t burn your tongue 😉 problem solved!

  • Not a bad idea, was able to hide some cannabutter in small ball jar long enough to go thru the few tablespoons lol but those are decent ideas for the candy fit sure appreciate it

  • Lol that definitely shouldn’t have happened… probably
    Melted together?

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