Bitcoin amount isn’t matching my order total

@medboy i have been trying to place an order today but the order form is consistently giving me a bitcoin amount to send that is 15-20 dollars over the total I should be paying. I haven’t sent anything yet. Has anyone else had this problem today?


  • Btc been jumping last few days so if you bought and then it shot up is gonna change amount you have to send unfortunately that's why I keep an eye on when planning an order, it's happened to be previously

  • @Vapedad78 I buy my bitcoin right when I send it. I’m saying when the order page gives me an amount to send, that amount is consistently 15-20 dollars more than the total. This has nothing to do with fees either. We’re just talking the instantaneous exchange rate the moment I’m given a total BTC to send.

  • I tried again this morning and it’s still doing it.

  • The way the amount is computed through MedMan has always been a few dollars more than the price advertised, for me. The explanations given in the past suggest the volatility of BTC is the reason.

    I have never seen the amounts go the other way, even when BTC was in a downward trend. Go figure

  • @justaguy my experience is that it’s been within a dollar or two (plus or minus), until I ran into this issue. But it may just be the current status of BTC since it has been increasing a lot recently.

  • Just tried to make an order now. My total was $145. I immediately just put the BTC amount medman gave me straight into google for the exchange rate and it told me it was equivalent to 163.20. Cash app said 163.35. It’s just too significant for me to overlook.

  • Purchases are entirely voluntary

  • @TreesPlz yes they are! I’m not sure what you are saying though. Just trying to figure out if anyone else was having this issue or not. Not hating at all.

  • You agree with my statement, and then express confusion about it? 😂

  • The price of BTC has been crazy for the past 48 hours, it's literally jumping 500-1000 dollars in a really short period of time, this is going to impact things from the time an invoice is generated to when it's paid and that's not even counting that different exchanges update at different times, so if one says BTC is 30,000, another could say it's 30,090. Not much we can do about that. I can only assure you we're calculating it based on the current price we have as we've always done.

  • @medboy thank you for the response! I certainly don’t think you guys are trying to rip me off. That is the furthest thing from my thoughts. I just noticed this big difference and wanted to see if anyone else was having the issue. I figured it had something to do with the fluctuating prices as of late. So I’ll just keep an eye on it. For the record. I will be happy to pay the extra 15-20 to get my favorite medicine and support my favorite company in the world. So if it doesn’t work better later today, I’ll just go ahead and order! Thanks so much to everyone at Medicineman!

  • The last time there was this much of a crazy swing in prices so quickly, we went through the same thing. Some pay more, some pay less. On our end it pretty much evens out, but for the person paying it can seem a bit confusing, I totally understand that.

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