Litecoin vs Bitcoin

If you have been buying bitcoin for your orders and have the option to buy litecoin I suggest doing that. The "send" fee for bitcoin has increased dramatically so it will save you money! Everything works the same, you just select litecoin on the order form.


  • I was going to look into that. Thanks for the tip and happy new year.

  • Thanks for the tip @medboy !

  • just ordered with litecoin and got a $0 transaction fee... the last few bitcoin transaction I think were $4.99 a transaction. Thanks for the heads up!

  • I finally moved from coin base to cash app. So, I’m pretty happy about that. Lots of options. Not sure about litecoin because I haven’t tried it. But you can easily by any quantity of stocks…..

  • Dang confirmation taking its time today lol I get it market is pumping like crazy and I did standard cause cheap and not tryna pay for faster submission on blockchain today anyways just crazy going on 6 hours but should be finalized at some point today lol good luck everyone

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