Ice Storm Delays

Just an fyi that orders made in the last few days from either Loud or Happy Trees will likely be a few days late due to the ice storms they have been getting! -mb


  • Just had label created yesterday round 6am which was happily surprised by but figured might be a delay, fingers crossed for everyone stay warm and safe

  • im never ordering from loud again anyway, thought it would come today but I guess 36 days isnt enough time for them. What concentrates do you guys suggest from the other vendors?

  • @GanjaLion - You've emailed @medboy and they know you have an issue with your order, right?

  • Yea @justaguy I did, finally got it today after 37 days, they didnt even hook me up and they sent me a moldy edible, lame loud really

  • Well glad ya finally got it in stinks bout the other I've also had one that was in transit little long had to toss due to mold, I'm sure they'll make it up at some point tho they usually do

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