Torch Vape Pens

Anybody get the Torch vape pens from Merlin? I bought three and none of them work. The instructions aren’t hard by any means but none of the three I bought hit at all. Press 5 times to turn, twice to preheat and press to hit. Nothing. I charged them and repeated. Nothing. Tried again and again. Nothing. Now I’m just frustrated. Any thoughts?


  • Just fyi you have to press 5 times, see the power light go on and then pull hard. That's not to say that you can't get defective ones but really that solves a lot of peoples problems.

  • Looks like some posts have been removed from this thread

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    Not by me..I never censor this forum except for rare cases where someone is insulting or out of line with our rules. There are currently two torch vape threads so maybe you are thinking of the other one.

  • Again, I don’t mean to complain, and yet I do. Sorry.

  • That's why I was asking bout it lighting up wasn't sure if was actually turned on and heard bout people having similar issue somewhere else

  • Suck harder? Did you click 5 times?

    These are turning out to be much harder to start that anticipated.

    You’re not alone with the issues I definitely won’t order again, but even hearing a little by placing in a warm spot can be helpful to get it started. Then it gets much easier.

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