Got some strains on the way

Got Merlins Permanent Marker on the way finally. Had to see wat the hype was over... Ans a split of greenhouse rs-11 and apple fritter. Hopefully no splits but chose icc, if need be. Had a Lil of louds cherry pie kush las week and it was fire fire. Before that had Merlins discounted Mendo Purps and it was really good too. Keep bringing the heat. Excited bout the Permanent Marker but heard the 1st couple batches were better.... Ehhhh hope not...


  • I've had RS11 that a higher cbd/thsee ratio? Definitely waiting your review of Apple Fritter! Tried in a concentrate not flower. Been on my list. Hope you like the PM!

  • @superman38NC I don't think it's a higher cbd flower. I researched it thoroughly and didn't see anything that would make me think so. Just seems like a fruity well balanced hybrid l, with decently high the. Will definitely leave my review of both the RS11 and Apple Fritter...

  • @superman38NC got subbed ice cream cake for apple fritter... A Lil disappointed but still really nice bud!

  • @Mr4Sher thx I probably misread allbud. Maybe RS11 just has a higher % of cbd than most. Glad you liked! Getting subbed stinks but hopefully you will like that Ice Cream Cake..I'm eyeing what HT dropped yesterday. I think all 3 vendors has ICC now 😎

  • @superman38NC yeah the Premium ICC that Happy Trees just listed looks phenomenal!! I might order a bit if it stays up a couple weeks.

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