Some old school strains. I'd love to see some of the older strains, that I used to see b4 all the cr

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Northern Lights, Purple Urkle, GDP, Mendo Purps, Grape Ape. As you can see I love my purps. Except Purple Punch. The effects of Purple Punch just don't do it for me. Cherry Pie Kush, Hindu Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, apple mintz, Tropicana Cookies. Merlin Had one that was outdoor called dosi dosi. It was a banger! I love to grab some Northern Lights and Purple Urkle also Grape Ape. I think Purple Urkle is my fave purp but Grape Ape is close. Purple Punch smells, looks and tastes delicious but the effects are always lackluster to me. I don't get it cuz I love all the other purps. I've tried many different batches of Purple Punch too. I guess it just doesn't mesh well with my body chemistry. Got some RS-11 on the way. Been wanting to try it for awhile and finally pulled the trigger. Sorry for the novel bored in the dentist office... And not stoned..
The did prescribe me 3 halcion for my nerves tho. Thank god.


  • White widow and white rhino but also triple chocolate chip and blueberry muffin been some my favorite besides platinum kush or some platinum variant had me in a different universe thinking house was haunted lol

  • WHITE RHINO (been asking for this since 2020)

    And I enjoy Purple Punch, but it's a basic.

  • I’ve been looking for 2 strains. 1 called “Witches weed” it’s from Denver when it hit me it made me feel like a flame in the fire I could feel the wind as if I was apart of it lol I dunno it’s hard to explain but that was one of the best euphoric strains I’ve tried& I’ve tried… A LOT of strains.

    The other strain is called C4 i was told it was grown with kimchi mixed in the soil the high I can’t explain it was past amazing when I called my guy for some more a few hours later after I got some it was sold out I WANT THESE 2 strains AGAIN!!! & again

  • Master Kush, Afgoo, Ak-47, Hash Plant. Love those older strains!!

  • Tropicana Cookies!! I remember that strain. One of my best grabs. Thanks MM/MB Returning anytime soon?

  • Always loved maui Wowie, Acapulco Gold, Panama red, Colombian Gold. Showing my age lol. The miracle whip from a few years back also Froot Loops. I still have a few Froot Loops seeds they are unavailable nowadays.

  • @Killer_Bee @LoudnCo @MerlinsMagic
    Only buy Sativas or Sativa Dominant Strains. This boomer has purchased Maui Wowie, Kona Gold, Acapulco Gold, Maui Pineapple Chunk (One of the best domestic strains ever), Lemon Thai, Durban Poison, and Dutch Hawaiian from Loud or Med Mama in past years. Merlin has also had several great sativas this past year including Full Moon (aka Chocolate Thai) ,Blue Dream, and Jack Herer. Like Killer_Bee, would love to see Columbian Gold, Panama Red, Kaui Electric, and Jamaican Lambsbread on the board this year. All of the strains listed above were available in Los Angeles or San Francisco dispensaries during my 2022 expedition . California is a sativa wonderland.... Wish I would have purchased Panama Red because it is a great psychedelic strain with a notorious creeper high but I was too busy sampling multiple astounding Hawaiian and Thai strains. Have not had imported Panama Red since the late 1970s.
    By the way, the speediest cannabis strains I ever sampled were the unavailable imported Jamaican "Long Time" or the Congo Black Magic strains. Finally, would love to see some hash oil on the board. Was fortunate to purchase several grams of the famous one hit honey red hash oil from 1976 to 1980 (aka the "One") made from exceptional Red Lebanese hashish - BOEL produced @ $30 / gram. Two hits on the oil pipe produced a 6-8 hour journey which was similar to low dose psychedelics-took 5 hits for my undergraduate graduation ceremony and was extremely high for ~ 16 -18 hours!!!!

  • @agingboomer i vaguely remember strains we called lambs breath and Christmas tree. Those were the days when seeds were expected in every bag until we heard about something called California sensi.

  • @leaf
    Thanks for your comments. Basically, I've experienced two imported Jamaican landrace strains: 1) The Jamaican Lambsbread (aka lamb's breath) strain which is grown in both Jamaica and the USA - The US version from California is very potent / devastating but the Jamaican version is much stronger (of course!) and is still available on the island. 2) The Jamaican "long time" sativa takes 20+ weeks to finish flowering. In 1984, my Jamaican girl friend obtained a 1/2 ounce of the "Long Time" strain grown in the hills surrounding Montego Bay for me @ $50 per half ounce. This strain is rarely seen even in Jamaica and is the best sativa strain I've ever had. It has the most incredible psychedelic high ever (No ceiling whatsoever) and should be considered a mid level psychedelic (Shulgin scale of 3+). One shared joint in the evening produced an intense sativa high that lasted well into the NEXT afternoon!!!

    I also remember purchasing a 1/2 oz. of the first California sensi in 1978 ($75 / half ounce). It was way more potent than other available sativa strains. It had been sourced from outstanding Mexican Guerrero sativa seeds and had a devastating sativa high lasting 4 -5 hours. It was light green with yellow hairs and the nuggets were incredibly beautiful and had a pleasant minty pungent taste and smell. Have not seen this strain since 1978 and it is in my Cannabis hall of fame. However, the imported Panama Red strain was even better - it inspired the famous Panama Red song (see You Tube). Seeds of the original Panama landrace strain are available online.

    Finally, there are different phenotypes of the Maui Waui strain. One phenotype called the pink was only grown and available in Maui Hawaii. The domestic versions of Maui Waui are vibrant green with red hairs and were derived from the Hawaiian landrace strain. It's great - I purchased a devastating 1/4 ounce in Orange County for $70.00 in 2022. My first experience with Maui Waui was in 1978 and cost $150 / oz. This was "rock star" cannabis and contained one giant top cola with the pink phenotype version of the strain. The huge top cola was light green with pink hairs and smelled like volcanic flowers. The high had no ceiling and one .5 gram bowl produced a euphoric sativa high lasting 6-8 hours. Colors were vibrant and the Jefferson Airplane's Volunteers album sounded awesome. It was only exceeded by the Jamaican "long time" sativa strain. Have never seen this version of Maui Waui since 1978!!!!

  • Yes. I had some real Maui Waui in Honolulu in the 80’s. The Hawaiian guy I was with rolled a little pin joint. I laughed at it but we couldn’t finish it.
    i visited Negril Jamaica in the 90’s. But the Jamaican weed wasn’t quite as good during those years.
    My other limited travels include Amsterdam also in 90’s. Great hash and space cakes in Holland.

    You clearly have had interesting experiences and a great memory.
    Thanks. I want to hear more.

  • Thanks for the requests. Really I can only get what I can get. I'll keep this in mind when shopping though

  • Perhaps, if those who are looking for old-school strains should research why they aren't around anymore. There was a great explanation few years back from a guy name, George tire biter I think.

  • @MerlinsMagic those old strains were treats at the time. It’s funny how strains become extinct.

  • @agingboomer that Purple Thai didn’t last long. Nobody even mentioned it. Now it’s gone. Hope it’s as described cause I ordered a taste myself.

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