MDMA Testing?

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Greetings, and many thanks for all you do!

Is the MDMA being tested for purity? I was thinking about buying some, and I have my own reagent kit, but I am curious about whether you are testing it as well.


  • @jimmyrows06 I got a big batch about 45 days ago and tested it myself, first for no presence of fentynal, then did a second set of reagent and 3rd specific semi quantative substance tests. The semi quantative potency test which yielded a very good almost pure concentration results, all others were negative except the reagent for mdma which was nice and clearly positive. I use tn scientific for all my testing supplies.
    Hope this helps. I also have previous batches of mda and mdma from @MerlinsMagic which I have tested for giggles and all have had the same outcome. Had some that weren't as potent, however never any with foreign substance or issues.

  • Amazing. What a safe community this is.

  • @Hideurself Thank you for sharing!!!

  • Thank you @Hideurself ! Much appreciated

  • Thank you for this info also @Hideurself and the tips for weighing with a scale with only grams appreciate you

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