Ready to Roll?

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Do you want to try Molly (MDMA) for the first time??? Or want some inspiration?

This is a great website to get you started.

What’s your favorite thing to do while rolling?

For me…. ⬇️

It’s a favorite date night activity for my special someone.

I guarantee s/he will go wild as you caress their body with long stem roses, painting poetry on their back as you read it to them…. It’s a winner 🏆 .

Also if there has been a longstanding disagreement with a partner, its a great space to talk about it once you're feeling it, as there will be a loving response without the usual triggers coming up. Great marriage therapy session if you choose to go that route.


  • @MerlinsMagic rolling is our date night to settle our little quandries and have amazing sex to rid the vibes there on. Will literally bring you closer everytime without question.

    My favorite way to roll is a little candy flip....about 35-45mg of mda and 60-80mg of mdma.
    Put on some good tunes, have the good smelling candles lit, and a flavorful strain in the pipe, will ignite nights you will never forget with your other half! Warming massage oil will blow her mind and scented inhalers or vicks inhalers will provide some amazing feeling while breathing which increases the positive experience and effect even more.

    As Merlin mentioned you can break massive barriers with others while rolling. I have rolled with people I did not necessarily like persay and after they are people I still know 25 years later that are good friends because it allowed us to not have barriers that are unseen affect our relationship or even having one persay.

    As always stay hydrated and take some decent vitamins a couple days before and for sure the following day to ensure your body has what it needs for a quick seemless recovery.

    Thank you for the awesome offering of Mdma and other goodies. Myself and my other half enjoy them and appreciate being able to do so thanks to you and @medman

  • Hey @MerlinsMagic i just got a half g of the champagne mdma from you . I don’t have any reagent test marquis to be specific to test. But you guys did test right ?I like to absolute before taking so it doesn’t come stressing me with anxiety while I’m coming up thinking too much about not testing. Sorry and no disrespect just would help my mind feel better friend

  • @bayoubud87 Merlin may chime in when they see this but I assure you that they are very conscious and responsible and test before selling it!

  • Appreciate you @medboy

  • @Bayoubud87 the guy I get it from tests from a lab in Spain. Also @Hideurself independently tested.
    All pure, with only the reagents for making it.

  • @MerlinsMagic ever consider selling a testing kit on the site or up charging to include it? Otherwise they sell them at party safe, right?

  • Thanks guys @MerlinsMagic @Hideurself
    Makes me feel better

  • @MikeyC

    I recommend getting test kits at

    I don't think I will offer them because it might be sus to get too many delivered to my address. However, it's easy and safe to get a few delivered to your home.
    If I can find a way to buy them in person I will consider it.

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