A bad day!!!

Back around March 2023, I had a very respectful collection. I had a 14" beaker bong, a few extra downstems and bowls. A box with my freebies, (probably 10+ gummmied from Merlin and Loud and like 20+ Pre Rolls from all 3 vendors... I had 16 Mason jarscall brand new plus. 10 that I'd previously been using. I had beans from Purple Urkle(super pissed I lost these), Jager, Half Pint and so n e other bangers. In my jars I had Apples and Bananas, Apple Mintz, Ethos Apex, Honey Bucket, Jager, Half pint, Georgia Pie, Cherry Pie, Cherry Fritter, Purple Punch, and I know I'm missing a few strains. Also had pancake batter crumble about 4 grams. 7 grams of kief pressed into hash. My collection was becoming quite respectful! I had a 6" dab Rig. 4 different bangers. Auto spinner caps. Dab mats. Dab tools..terp pearls, etc. I had boxes containing papers rolling machines, door tunes, grinders and other pokers and miscellaneous paraphernalia. My 14" beaker was only saved cuz it was but up... My mom came in my house while I was in the hospital and since I had scales, I was a dope boy. Each of these jars had like a quarter to a half of flower each. Maybe an ounce in one or two jars. This happened like a year ago and I still mourn the loss if that weed and paraphernalia. I guess I hope some broke pot head got it but really wish I wouldn't of lost it. Obtaining a collection like that is not easy for a stoner on a budget...


  • What happened
    Did your mom take it

  • I'm 40 years old. My gf of 11 years cheated and left me. I raised 1 of her kids from 5 months to 11 years old. I was his dad. I suffered a manic break man
    While at the hospital my mom thought I was selling it due to multiple jars and scales. Had a Oz of mushies too but was all personal use. I'm slowly building my Lil collection back but it sucks compared to wat I had.... but I have great new, hot gf and life is getting much better!!!

  • Sorry to hear that. I also raised a stepson. There were many trials during that time. But I’m hearing you say things are better now. Hang in there!

  • Oh, and I’m having a somewhat bad day today too. While installing patio pavers with a rubber mallet I smashed my middle left finger. Wow! I literally almost fainted. I still have my finger so there’s that.

  • Yeah careful man I smashed my finger and got a black blood spot that's growing out but the nail died at that spot and had to fill with nail glue and top coat lol

  • I wasn’t trying to compare my pain with mr4sher, but it had just happened and I was still hurting. I’ll lose the nail and hope its not broken. Have a good one.

  • Yeah no that's awful and hate to hear that shit since also raising bonus kids along with my own but glad things got better they usually do.

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    Thanks all. Got a new gf that treats me loads better. Still miss my son that I raised since he was 5 Months old. He's 12 now... it's by far the greatest pain I've experienced in my 40 years...

  • @Mr4Sher not trying to be all sappy, but your missing him means you’re a good guy. He’ll come around when he gets a little older.

  • If you need to let go of trauma I'd recommend psychedelic assisted therapy

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    Yeah that's rough bro, I've raised and coached a couple bonus kids past 8 years in addition to my bio kids and unfortunately the ms. doesn't care or understand hurting that kid equally if not more but can guarantee you've already made a positive difference if that life 💯

  • @MikeyC I've looked into trying them alone and with significant other. She had cheated and it was crocodile "done" dee!!! My new girl have tried mdma once and would to take some penis envies. Maybe a half zip for a couple experiments. Lil pricey tho. And I could split thr PE wit half Makilla Gorrilla, PE Albino, some good ones!!!!

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