Permanent Marker

PM touching down today I’ll let you guys know how it is.


  • Pack came in this shit is fire. Decent for the price. Beautiful nugs. Good strain

  • @SheLuvMike was it from loud or merlins? Got half of pm from loud.

  • After smoking chem-a-licious sativa for two long weeks, the PM from Merlin is outstanding. I feel like I was holding my breath for those two weeks and now I can exhale. Never put too much thought into the difference between Sativa and Indica. I liked both. But now I’m an even stronger lean towards Indica. And the PM from Merlin has been consistently good imho.
    This order was also the fastest ever which indicates that USPS is capable. I’m rambling.

  • It was from loud pretty satisfied other than like 14 grams of the two oz was shake. The other oz and a half is pretty nuggy. It smokes good tho.

  • Was the Shakey PM labelled premium?

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    @SheLuvMike Gosh! I hope mine doesn't have a bunch of shake like yours did... i bought some Hindu Kush from loud a couple years ago and it was almost all shake! I saw someone post a pic of Louds PM and it looked like beautiful nugs! Hoping for the same🤞!

  • I received beautiful nugs. I have order Permanent Market several times and it is one of my favorites.

  • Mine had no shake whatsoever!!! All absolutely stunning nugs!!! Can't wait to pack my new dynavap and try it. I had some of Merlins PM a few months back and it was phenomenal. Excited to compare the two!!!

  • I had to go for another permanent marker and jealousy split and hopefully you like the new dynavape items, I been looking thru dry herb and wax vaporizers last night and today tryna figure if I want to replace my seahorse and arizer eq or both and with either 2 different specialty devices or something like pax 2 or 3 or arizer solo 2 or 3

  • There are lots of options. For $400 the Mighty+ is supposed to be one of the best. I’ve seen several recommendations. Still thinking about it. Those nasty blunts are getting old. And they waste too much.

  • Yeah that's a little steep for me I was looking more 200 and under preference for under lol but figure should go portable this time since desktop one still working fine just cold use a cleaning lol

  • I have a Pax and a Mighty Plus. Both are awesome!

  • Hopefully my split from @LoudnCo be moving and show before have to leave on vacation up pm and up jealousy looking forward too put in request on 25th mid day

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