Question gotta message from @medboy saying my order already has shipped but I see no label or anything on informed delivery this is my 3rd order the other two packages showed on there flawlessly and I order Saturday btw I know they don’t ship on weekends tbh it feels weird cause if it is on the way I don’t know when to expect it but the tracking was working flawlessly I gotta couple Amazon orders not showing as well so idk 😐


  • I got a label created a week ago and nothing since so who the heck knows

  • As we descend into chaos, fear not! The post office will still amble along. (But it won't scan its packages properly....)

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    Yes I normally agree with this premise but mine have always had three scans minimum after label creation, “Acceptance, Out for Delivery,Delivered”. Now I am in no way saying my current package isn’t on my way because it could have surely missed the first scan but I will say that it is odd that it hasn’t had a scan since it was created, in my circumstance at least. I know everybody’s experience with ID varies. And of course I’m not worried, I know I will get it at one point or the other, but it would be nice if it got here sooner rather than later, I will not tell a lie :).

  • @Theboyua What shipper is it coming from?

  • I’m assuming loudnco

  • same for me

  • I figured @Shamisha55. I'm waiting on them too lol

  • 🤦‍♂️ luckily I got enough still kinda don’t like knowing

  • @Shamisha55 I'm down to my last of blueberry muffin 😭😭😭, but I did get some distillate from MM that can hold me over till I get more flower. I just didn't want to make it my only source of THC lol. I don't want to get a bag off the street when I already have money tied up waiting on stuff now, so I'll just try to be patient lol. I'm not upset, just anxious and my first two MM orders came soooo quick, so I think I got spoiled 🤣

  • Same bro 😂😂😂

  • Nvm I got shipping label 😊 ready for some indoor ive had premium and top shelf outdoor but I’m really ready for this master kush I got a whole oz couldn’t resist after those pictures and reviews 🥺

  • The MK has blown me away! Good choice

  • Mines from medmama

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    USPS is way off these days. We are getting many letters from people waiting over 2 weeks. We're still banging out the orders as fast we get them. The large majority of orders get shipped out within 48 hours (maybe 72 if you order Friday or Saturday).

  • Well my package had a label created the 27th and it was just “accepted” at the local post office out there on the 2nd. Says arrival Saturday. That’ll be 11Days total but it took 6 to go from label created to accepted at the post office. And this happens every order with me. So I don’t know what’s going on. And my ID works just fine by the way

  • A lot of post offices have different ID scanners so depeneds on the size if it will show on ID. Most where I live only have ID scanner for regular envople size mailings so thats all that show on ID.

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