My prediction of the next flower restock

Tomorrow at 6 pm... Mwu hahaha


  • I’ll be refreshing like a crazy person. I got some vapes to hold me over but I prefer good old fashioned flower.

  • Bro we’re the strains at

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    I see summer vacation coming up,beware !
    Better buy something to get through .30

  • @MikeyC hope ur right on that would love to see that on menu

  • For real. I have been refreshing constantly lol

  • Let's just clean out Medmans cupboard....I'll start 1 oz Lodi Dodi ordered. Get on board and clean them out....

  • The lodi dodie was dope. Really does have a sweet, citrusy, flowery taste and smell.

  • Prediction of flower restock over this weekend. Sunday by midnight.

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    Hope I have power then.....I'll be in the middle of a tropical storm about that time.

  • @Good2Go yep gonna be a windy rainy day and a half. Wind picking up this morning

  • Best wishes @Good2Go. I lived in Puerto Rico for four years. Nearly got washed into the ocean driving the road between Punta Santiago and Naguabo. Talk about a rainstorm I shouldn't have been driving in...

  • TacTac
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    Ok one says 6 pm the other one says by midnight. Am thinking it's going to be today / tonight also I hope there's some good smelley dank sativa coming.

  • Am within 100 miles of Morgan City don't won't to say where . For security reasons it's definitely getting Wendy clouds are black and Stormy . Get use to it tho after almost 50 yrs of leveing along the coast

  • @Tac @Good2Go . May Cristobal pass over us and anyone else in ots path with nothing more than a breeze, and may the lake not overflow. And Saints Saints Saints!

  • Some new items added. Not huge quantities on a lot of this stuff so it will go fast!

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