So sick of screens

I'm so sick of bowls, bongs, pipes, and every single smoking piece that needs a screen but the shape does not allow a screen to stay in the god damned bowl easily. Why is it so hard to find bowls with a completely flat bottom that a screen will stick to without falling out over and over and over again until there's enough resin to hold it in place. Can't even dump a bowl without the screen falling out if it's almost clean. That just makes it so I rarely clean my bowl or replace the screens until I can't get a hit off it anymore because it's completely clogged.

I'm tempted to invent something, but I'm sure it already exists somewhere. I don't like the glass plug screens because I lose them or are impossible to clean or screenless bowls because they break so easily as soon as you poke them with a pick. Am I the only person that is tortured by this?


  • I don’t use them personally

  • I've tried to not use screens, but am also sick of getting ash in my mouth.

  • @Sixwaychili I hate using the typical steel/mesh screens! Try the glass flower screens... after you build some Rez in your bowl with one in, you just take a toothpick and simply unclog the 3-6 holes on the sides.. works like a champ.

  • Use a bong with an ash catcher

  • My Roor has way too big of a bowl and I use the glass screens. They seem to stay in after a few hits as @Fastguy199 said. My Grav bong has a perfect sized bowl that does not require one but I have to change the water a lot more or use an ash catcher. I have been trying to change the water after each session now anyways. I also switched to orange oil instead of ISO for cleaning which seems to do a better job and also be more cost effective

  • I waste a lot of weed not using screens but I hate them. I didn’t know they had glass screens I need to check into those

  • Amazon, Dixie glass screens... won’t disspoint. Usually come in a pack of 50-100

  • I just push it in there with a pencil eraser end. Eventually it sticks.

    When I start feeling at odds with my pipe, I switch back to joints.

  • I used to use screens, I switched to a silicone pipe that has a flat bottom bowl made of glass with 9 small holes in bottom, the bowl pops out and clean with alcohol. No clogged bowls easy to clean.

  • I got one that looks like Star Wars Storm Trooper.

  • Invest in a glass pipe. I've never put any type of screen in a good glass pipe.

    Only ol-timers use screens.

    Take a trip to your local smoke shop (what the ol-timers called a Head Shop).

  • They make “screen” bowls with many tiny holes.

    I use a bong with a 4 hole bowl and i don’t have any issues. No waste. Water and catcher filters everything else.

  • I've never had a prob with screens staying in. Except with glass pipes. They are too smooth. Perhaps your screens are too small. A slightly larger screen, pushed down in the middle, the edges point uppish, digging in.
    @daCabbie Head shops rock. Smoke shops are too nouvelle.
    Head shops have the atmosphere.

  • @Joha Doesn't weed go through the holes and get wasted? Especially the crumbled bits?

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    Smoking bongs is kind of an art. For example i use a course grind through a lift grinder for consistency. Pack it just enough in the bowl, and use a pick as i hit so i get a nice clean Fast hit without pulling any unburnt material through. It took some practice and lots of trial and error with various setups. I also use a dry catcher to keep the bong cleaner.

    I used to use a screen bowl and loved it but I actually prefer my 4 hole these days. I never lose anything but maybe a tiny speck here and there.

  • @Joha It really is an art.
    Especially if one doesn't want to waste.
    You got me thinking, I wonder what happened to a pipe I had many years ago. It had a 4 hole deal.
    The little plate popped out to clean underneath.
    It had a poker for the holes attached. It was brass and had a plate that swiveled over the bowl. I like that feature to snuff it out between hits.
    It's pretty much all vaping for me now. Partly for my lungs and partly because it's more efficient. Also, I get way, way higher vaping.

  • All you need are smaller screens--use a wire cutters or old scissors/nail clipper to cut them down to just larger than the hole... Put it in and use a smaller object to push it into the hole. Prevents the thing from springing back towards you and the sharper edges of the trimmed screen have the friction to hold on the glass. Works well for me and hope it helps. Good luck!

  • @Joha is the lift grinder worth the $140, it seems like an awful lot for a grinder, but if it’s truly worth it I might pull the trigger

  • Liarliar03 Yes! Its spectacular! I have never cleaned mine and its still working perfectly after pounds and pounds.... amazing grinder! I have all 3 coarseness plates which is an awesome feature. Literally everything about it is perfect and if something somehow breaks or malfunctions which it wont, they replace it. I highly recommend it. It makes other grinders seem ridiculous honestly. 😍

  • Why do people have to make smoking complicated... simpler is better.

    A pair of scissors and a good tray are all you need.

    Never use a screen on a glass pipe! It messes with flavor because of excess heat. Cut your buds coarse at bottom of the bowl fine on top. When the weed turns chacoal black then knock it out... the thc is long gone before excess vegetable matter.

    Excess heat and butane in your lungs is gonna kill y'all.

    Don't clean your pipe to much. Sticky resin walls catch anything that comes through.

    If you smoke out some 90's lamp part metal bowl, u need to be kicked in the head (same for old wood bowls) these things have lead and charcoaled wood causes cancer.

  • THIS! Dacabbie!! 👏👏

    “Cut your buds coarse at bottom of the bowl fine on top.”

    Most important!!! Honestly that will solve your problem more than anything. Its part of what I mentioned as well.

  • I have this bowl coming tomorrow to upgrade my bong. Quite excited. My screen problem is over. This is exactly what I was looking for in the original post.

    And this is the incredible bowl I use. What is great about it is you can carry it filled in your pocket without spilling.

  • whaaat... that looks crazy! thanks for posting this! threw me off at first bc i didn't realize how old this post was from.. took me a sec to kinda figure everything out lol . glad you found something.

  • Sweet!! I'll need to upgrade my bong as well. 😏

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    I’d highly recommend a honeycomb bowl for bongs. It’s like have a permanent screen built into your bowl. The only issue is they get clogged easily but soaking in rubbing alcohol gets everything out easily. I’ve had mine for 3 years now and I don’t know how I smoked a bong without it.

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