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So many strains, I am truly overwhelmed. I’m thinking maybe getting an eighth of Gelato 33, or maybe pick up something greenhouse grown, I’ve never tried any of their discounted popcorn nugs, so not sure how good those are. Any suggestions? I’m waiting on a half of Lodi Dodi that I ordered 6/4(still says label created po awaiting item)


  • let me guess that Lodi dodi is from loud ?

  • My advice is to avoid MedMama's greenhouse selections. I say that with a heavy heart because they have had some dynamite greenhouse selections in the past (Blue Dream, Purple Punch, and Lemon Tree were all A+ weed, by any standard). Lately that's not been the case, in my experience.

    If you're looking for pure THC, the Pure OG smalls is the way to go...if you don't get subbed. I still think that's the best value, though. A couple other good smalls options, too.

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    @georgetirebiter how are greenhouse compared to indoor? Appearance? Never had "greenhouse"

    I was interested...

  • @MizterNiceGuy, appearance is generally more...subdued.

  • @georgetirebiter as long as effects are there? The Skywalker and outdoor Bubba were great on effects(Skywalker A+). Greenhouse should be better-ish..?

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    @MizterNiceGuy, I don't consider outdoor prices to be correlated to quality in any way. I look at them purely by the grower (if known), the strain, and the history of the shipper.

    I realize that one or more of these new greenhouse strains is probably going to kick ass and I'll have to wait to jump on the train, but I'm fine with that. I've tried virtually every greenhouse strain from MedMama since October 2019 and it's about 50/50, which is an excellent batting average but not so good as a bet when there are known values out there (i.e., Discount Smalls, baby).

  • Ordered greenhouse gelato and the O.G. Fingers crossed!

  • OG & Chemdawg for me. I totally understand @georgetirebiter. I was going to wait but decided to give it a go. I'm mainly after genes this time. Review/pics soon

  • The greenhouse offerings are so tempting...Gelato and Skywalker OG are some of my all-time favorites, but, gotta agree with everything @georgetirebiter wrote. While these may prove to be excellent, I am still finding known great value in the smalls and outdoor. Besides some additional Pure, I grabbed a lot of the outdoor Donkey Butter Tuesday night (I didn't even see it on the menu Wednesday) and I'll buy outdoor Tahoe OG every time it pops up.

  • Loud is going to hit with some really good strains I have a feeling . flower is about out on louds menu so it won't be long

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    Loud has updated! Waiting is hard to do..

  • You're the best @MizterNiceGuy! Thanks for the head's up! Got an order of Dirty Girl in. Loud knows how I like 'em!

    And now, off to kid's soccer practice...with masks!

  • Wow just as the medmama strains were looking great loud updated. I guess its good I cant splurge until tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up @MizterNiceGuy ! I see medmama also added some nice looking sugar wax!

  • @georgetirebiter that's awesome! Like em dirty, aye? I was interested in that strain and Sunset Sherbet. I have to be good and not order for a little while longer...even though I miss having some Sherbet around..

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    The Sunset Sherbet will be fire. That's my pick for "premium weed at indoor price."

  • I ended up getting an eighth of Gelato 33, still waiting on 1/2 of Lodi Dodi

  • I just ordered some smalls from medmama. Told them the orange soda or bubba are my top picks so we'll see what I get. Probably gonna place an order with loud tomorrow 😁

  • Loud is pulling at my heart strings with the Sunset Sherbet. Dirty Girl..
    Just got a month supply...😔

  • Missed out on Sherbet.😔 Sad until it returns. Try for Dirty Girl in a few days..

  • Did @MizterNiceGuy go from "holding off...can't do it" to "...month supply"? If so, that's my man!

    I hope Dirty Girl is all it's cracked up to be.

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    @georgetirebiter I'm constantly doing this. I just ordered 2oz from Medmama and then Loud updated. I wanted that Sherbet badly, I was about to order a oz of it and decided to sleep on it instead(stretch funds a bit). Woke up disappointed to see it gone. Hopefully I get in on the Dirty Girl soon.

  • Was wondering is all the flowers that say have been disrupted are they out and can I order and just wait for the order to be filled was wanting the Tahoe OG

  • @MizterNiceGuy, this is how I've accumulated a home dispensary. Do I really need weed? Yes! Because I've never tried Dirty Girl!

    It's a tough life. We're soldiers...

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    @georgetirebiter Exactly how I feel. I know I will need my meds so it's never a waste of money. I never order under a half oz so that's a factor and I have a nice mini dispensary with at least 9 different strains at the moment.

    ..I think I'm going to cave again soon. My poor wallet! Lol. Dirty girl may be coming home to me soon barring Alien Orange Cookies, maybe?

  • It's like betting on the ponies--except they never lose!

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