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  • MikeyC

    Have you been getting a lot of order mistakes and no freebies? Just curious as I noticed you mentioned your volume and it's similar to mine and I have two snafus up in the air at the moment. I don't even care mama cut off my freebies.

    August 30
    • Bambino21
      No order mistakes for me. Except Loud’s last order by me was stolen or lost but they took care of all that. When I ordered 2 zips of Mars Landing I didn’t get any. Entire order was Waffle Cone. I’ve got a freebie each time I’ve ordered. Pre roll last time. Not labeled. And THC gummies every other time recently. I have 2 orders coming from Mama still. One about $530
      The other $1715 !! So we’ll see. It was my
      Last two purchases. Mama can’t be beat. Sucks so bad they are retiring.
  • rshigh81

    Hey man, I was weighing in on an issue you had with shipping on a thread and I agree with you totally. You spending that kind of money and have to deal with slick shit from medboy is not cool. I see that happen a lot when people complain about there issues here as if things like this can’t occur. We can rate the bud but not the experience? FYI they’re not the only ones online who supply medicine and as of late and there response to me agreeing with you I think I’ll take my money elsewhere for awhile.

    August 16