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  • I dont really get it I bought Gelato Mints when they were $255 an OZ and then the price went down to $180 an OZ and now they are $210 an oz. I just dont get it anymore
    in Changes Comment by BMan December 2022
  • They dont show up on ID anymore usually you’ll just get a label and then the next day it will say accepted and then in 3 days it’ll suddenly say its out for delivery. Its weird, but thats how they have been lately
  • Indoor weed is so much easier to control because you control the climate. I think the reason indoor is more expensive simply because its more expensive to grow indoor than outdoor. In a Greenhouse you can grow way more plants and the sunlight can ma…
  • Same thing happened to me before and they reshipped really fast for me too. They definitely feel like a rebranded Med Mama
  • You’re the first vendor I ever had from here. You guys are simply amazing and everytime i receive your bud you can tell how passionate you guys really are. Im so sorry to here about the unreal amount of personal problems you have endured. We all sup…
  • Received mine today and its dense and hits really good! It doesnt have crazy smell, but it has a really good taste when you hit it. It’s some of the best outdoor stuff I have had
  • Ok thank you so much! You guys never fail to deliver
  • Ordered a OZ of Outdoor Zookies from Merlins and I received 3G of RSO Oil and some vape refills instead. Obviously my order was completely messed up. I went through the contact page im still waiting on an answer though. Just really confused right no…
  • @greatspirit use cashapp it is way better and simpler. Coinbase is horrid
  • @MerlinsMagic I put in an order for the Purple OG i am pretty excited to see the bonus you have for me! 😎😎
  • Its just extremely dry and has no smell or anything to it. Its just not as good as I thought it would be. It has no taste either it hits weird
  • @PolkHighStar I dont recommend the Green Dream
  • I am getting my Green Dream today and I will let you know. I think outdoor is cheaper simply because its cheaper to produce outdoor pot and plus you get WAYYYYY more product at harvest as opposed to indoor. My favorite strain from this place was the…
  • @wntpce Im willing to bet if the label is made the item has been shipped already. You’ll probably get it monday or Tuesday
    in Refunds Comment by BMan February 2022
  • Almost been a week since i ordered and not even a label and thats usually very odd
  • I thought Loud was supposed to be back yesterday?
  • Check this out i always get my informed delivery notification. Not a single time that i didnt get one and i went and checked the mail even though i had NO LABEL yet and my stuff was here. Then the next day i check the mail and they sent me my stuff …
  • Yeah i agree with @ocki33 they were weird. I mean considering the price they were good buds, but it wasnt moonrocks
  • Blackberry Kush
  • I got the GG #4 Initial look was sad because they are small and popcorn nugs Smells like cherries (not bad) Harsh HARSH smoke The high is potent (for me) though. I instantly got a nice rush to the head and my body started feeling heavy a…
    in 420 orders Comment by BMan April 2021
  • You usually should still have a pre-shipment label by now. Once you get that expect your package in liken3-4 days. Loud can also be faster than that in my experience
  • Mine says it will be here the 26th and i ordered from MM and Loud n Co. Pretty happy about it. @medmama @LoudnCo HAVE BEEN KILLING IT WITH THEIR SHIPPING TIMES🔥🔥🔥
    in 420 orders Comment by BMan April 2021
  • When are they starting the deals
  • You just need to give the seeds more time. When i germinate i put them in solo cups of water wait 8 hours then i push them down to the bottom of the cup. Go to bed wake up take the seeds out put them on a folded paper towel and fold one side over th…
    in Grow plants Comment by BMan April 2021
  • I have great growing experience and i can help anyone that has questions
    in Grow plants Comment by BMan April 2021
  • Purple Panty Dropper
    in Aphrodisiac Comment by BMan April 2021
  • Definitely use Seedsman and use BTC because you get a nice discount with it. I have got a good amount of seeds from there and they all germinate. DNAGenetics is phenomenal i grew an OG #18 that i got from them and it was fantastic. The shipping can…
    in Grow plants Comment by BMan April 2021
  • USPS needs a search warrant in order to open your package.