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  • All good here. Medboy confirmed. They always deliver.
  • Yes @TheProfessor. Was lucky enough to score the Tangielope. Great smoke. Earthy flavor to me. Feels as a sativa should. Clear headed and energetic. I actually prefer the SFV OG outdoor. The outdoor strains that I've had the pleasure of try…
  • Was hoping to score. Order confirmed on the 22nd. Informed delivery shows label printed. Should be good on the Tangielope outdoor?
  • I understand on the drop boxes. I get it now. You're right about the 8 days being reasonable and I do like your products. Personally, I can do better planning on how long my stash lasts and getting orders in earlier. My true issue is the remoten…
  • I finally got an update. Ordered April 2nd. No label till the 4th. Acceptance on the 6th. Estimated delivery on the 10th. That's not acceptable to me. Get your packages out the door quicker. 4 days till actually at the post office. That's …
  • Yep. The issue appears to be fixed. Just ordered and had it confirmed. Thanks @medboy! Almost considered using a competitor. I should be smacked for such insolence. I appreciate and value your service.
  • All shippers should be available by the 4th. The error code has been fixed. I just placed an order.
  • @medboy Having the same problem sir. Can't order due to EC01 error code.