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  • Ask your pal if he has Tampico Blue or perhaps Torreon Violet . The cartels ruined these and other esoteric strains by coming in and forcing farmers to cultivate their particular strains and forcing them to use insecticide. Insects are quite a prob…
  • Tobacco contains over 7,000 different chemicals and the soil its grown in usually has heavy metals like cadmium . So even raw unadulterated tobacco is extremely harmful plus the fact your holding the smoke in deeper in your lungs is even worse but …
    in Tobacco Comment by BigLew August 3
  • I buy from Med Mama an have never had a problem ,every sample gummies,joints or hard candy is clearly marked with the mg.amount of THC. In fact I got wonderful tasting gum drop that was came with a caution about over consumption if you n…
    in Gummies Comment by BigLew July 14
  • Accessed site ! Yay
    in Site down Comment by BigLew July 14
  • Server problems ,has happened before , MM will fix it be patient .
    in Shutdown? Comment by BigLew July 13
  • Site maintenance maybe ?
    in Shutdown? Comment by BigLew July 13
  • Me too !
    in Shutdown? Comment by BigLew July 13
  • A lot of banks block any crypto currency transactions better check with your bank first
    in Most FAQ Comment by BigLew July 2
  • Don't give up ,I'm 71yrs old an not a tech person.I was a little (no alot)overwhelmed at first .Maybe you can buy some cheap items using your bitcoin wallet to make sure you know how to use it first. I know some folks don't like Bitcoin ATM but …
    in Most FAQ Comment by BigLew June 29
  • If you peruse the entire website you will find your answers . Remember ;admit nothing and deny everything !
    in Shipping Comment by BigLew June 15
  • What's a "coney"?
  • My orders take from 3-5 days and that's coast to coast !
  • Admit nothing,deny everything.
  • I don't know nuthin,that's my story and I'm stickin to it flatfoot !
  • Informed Delivery is really delivery confirmation .
  • Use a BTC ATM,your "SILENT SALESMAN ". No delay, no nosy bank tellers, no Western Union people asking what is Bitcoin and who you know in China. As soon as your done you can submit your order. The little bit it costs is worth the safety and s…
  • Just received 1oz of tincture also not sure of dosage gonna try half a dropperful. I have a fairly high tolerance so I'll put that under my tongue for a minute or so and see what happens. There's a vein under your tongue called the sublingual vei…
    in Edibles Comment by BigLew December 2018
  • I tried again w/o caps,worked fine. Thanks MB I saved $30.00 !
  • Tried that holiday 2018 secret code at least 3 times last night, I feel like I been cheated MB .