Just a man trying to make it by in this corrupted system we call the United States government, where plants, fungi, and overall natural drugs are made to be the devils work. When anyone should be able to ingest anything they please so long as it doesn't harm others, when I say that I mean all drugs that do not cause harm to others even if they cause harm to the user. It's the right of the consumer to put what they want in their body even if it kills them in the process no matter how fast or how slow, take meth for example, I myself don't take it or believe in using it but the people who do use it shouldn't be treated as criminals if anything they should be treated as victims of addiction to a deadly substance and should be referred to rehab not prison or jail. However in this system we live in the people who need help the most are cast in to prison or jail all to fill an officers quota and it's bullshit, the war on drugs has always been bullshit.


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  • That will probably never happen as acid is hard to come by nowadays at least real LSD-25
  • To add I realize that 1P-LSD and others like 1CP-LSD are prodrugs of LSD so you could say I've had the real thing already. But I still would like to try pure acid the real LSD-25
  • ah bull there aint none, nah I'm just kidding I see em in stock again
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  • @Abelinc the flying saucers
  • @georgetirebiter Idk man those mazatecs fucked me up good but now the wood loving one they had on here I can't remember the name but it was supposed to be the strongest shroom on the planet didn't do jack to me I ate 8 grams of it and still didn't f…
  • @georgetirebiter Yeah those south american cubes are amazing. I took 5 grams and saw music and heard colors experiencing synesthesia for the first time
  • @FuxLupus Honestly I might just make some for myself because they aren't hard to make and the materials to make the crystals are legal and they have guides that are easy to follow on the process of making the crystals. Quite simple process really ju…
  • @MNTDWLER But then why would they offer mushies and offer san pedro cactus which I haven't seen yet but they did say they would have san pedro on the board soon back in december. DMT is as tame as mushrooms to me and not hard to make crystals so I j…