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  • @MigraineWarrior79 i will definitely have to look into getting some of those!!! Glad it worked out for you
    in Do Si Do Comment by Frogzcan June 21
  • Hahaha 🤣
    in Do Si Do Comment by Frogzcan June 21
  • @PolkHighStar haven’t tried the shatter yet! I’ll definitely have to give that a try. You’re the 9th person that said the same thing about the strain- it’s garbage! I’ve had strains that were cbd and sprayed by other sites trying to play it off- …
    in Do Si Do Comment by Frogzcan June 21
  • @poppa5200 that really sucks!!! Sorry to hear you lost out on that much!! @medboy emailed me and said they were going to talk to the shipper & see what they want to do, but I haven’t heard back after that! Quality has definitely gone down on the…
    in Do Si Do Comment by Frogzcan June 21
  • Damnit @TreesPlz 🤙 got me excited to look tonight when I get off the lake LOL I’ll have to check out those dates. Appreciate ya fellas Except Treesplz- he’s a dirty dog 🤣
  • @theunleet not at all. Had 2 my 22 years in- since we played in the desert, they didn’t give two shits LOL I was over for 16 of the 22. DD214 6D- trained out and went into 0317 2nd asylum 1st. They never bothered us.
    in Do Si Do Comment by Frogzcan June 18
  • @theunleet im back state side putting in my last pink of “Vacation” aka debriefing. It’s a vacation as you talk to these silo robot of a psychologists. Have you been to war? LOL we all smoked over seas in my tours- LSD and cocaine has become a huge …
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  • @TheProfessor i didn’t think to do that. With the next order going in today- I’ll definitely remember to do that. Thank you for your service as well. I’m 39 this Sunday, enlisted as soon as I turned 17 1/2. Been a long 22 years in. I’d do it again…
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  • I see Banana Kush is back!!!!! Maybe it was a glitch- @medboy @medicineman Father’s Day or Veteran Discount by chance?? 🇺🇸🍻🇺🇸
    in Do Si Do Comment by Frogzcan June 18
  • @theunleet my tolerance is slightly up there- but I’m still active duty with 27 days until I’m retired. Seen a lot, did a lot- you need & depend on these terps- mine was real dry and brittle. Never had a bad bag from @medicineman but it wasn’t w…
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  • @poppa5200 exactly! I smoke & grow with server PTSD as well- hence the reason I got it via the description- luckily I didn’t spend as much as you did- I got a O but it too was very brittle and dry. Went to order Banana Kush because I’ve had that…
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  • @whatever1956 never had Lodi Dodi. I’ll have to check into that
  • @theunleet growing some as we speak 6th day sprout. Also have some GDP, Gelato, Purple Urkle & King Tut going as well.
  • I’ve got severe PTSD from 6 tours over seas. I tried to get Frankenstein but missed the chance. I’m a fan of those indies that take the worry away and couch lock ya
  • Ready for the code drop. Looking for a few O’s
    in 420 sale? Comment by Frogzcan April 10
  • @MikeyC right there with ya. I only use at night for ptsd and restless body, so I like heavy hitters that I can feel
  • @Bruno what effects does Layer Cake bring? I’m a big indica person, but I’ve tried my fair share of hybrids. Each time I look to order, I keep looking at Layer cake. Are they dense or soft sticky buds
  • Tried all of those strains, still have an ounce of wedding cake left and a quad of mimosa. Amazing strains
  • Looking forward to that sale💯
    in 420 sale? Comment by Frogzcan April 9
  • Ok good shit!
  • Surprised it’s still on the menu. Just grabbed a oz of this lovely flower
  • @Rubygirl816 enjoy yours as well!!!
  • @superman38NC its definitely worth it! I smooth crisp smoke with a great feeling of enlightenment
  • They always hook up with a good sub tho. If I feel they may end up subbing, I put in the notes when I order what my 2nd & 3rd choices are, just in case. I hope you get some
  • Not yet, wondering the same thing.
  • Agreed. We have it good with this provider. Always comes through
  • Per usual, I’ve received my packages. Great packaging, great product and even better customer service. I love the premium smoke, but I have to say, I’m excited to try out the mystery bud tonight. Not to worry @Bruno i understood the popcorn effec…
  • Waiting on my wedding cake to get here, but I got some mimosa, Tropicana Cookies, Mystery & sunshine sherb today. Has anyone tried Frankenstein?
    in Strains Comment by Frogzcan March 22