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  • I finally got my order today placed on January 7. Usually there’s a little something extra. Not only did it take way longer than normal, but it looks like a little short. Not a lot but a little skimpy.
  • I received your email confirming I was lost in the cracks. I received a partial order. I see informed delivery has a label created but it's not moving. That's more than I saw before so thanks. I wonder if it's easier and safer if I do small orders i…
  • I received one package but nothing else. Still waiting from 1/7. Informed delivery shows a label being made but no shipment.
  • Still nothing and no response from @medmama or @medboy in email, this forum, or the contact page.
  • Nothing in spam. Nothing for loud or med mama. I'm tired. I've followed the rules.
  • Mine was loud and med mama. not even a label created. Bought on 1/7, I've tried contacting them through email twice, once on the contact page, once through here. I'm not getting a response from anyone. I'm not looking for immediate response but this…
  • I’ve been waiting since January 7th.
  • Ordered on 1/7, coinbase payment went through 1/10, MM responded on 1/12 stating it was just too late for the order but that they'd let it go through anyway. As of now, nothing on informed delivery. I don't know when my two week countdown to being a…
  • Order placed on 1/7, payment delivered 23 minutes too late from coinbase, mm acknowledged and accepted it anyway (thank you) on 1/12, still no shipment/label through informed delivery. I'm east coast too, but Florida. No weather issues here unless i…
  • yep. ordered on 1/7, but of course coinbase didn't send it for 72 hours (what a disaster) on 1/12 medboy said we let it go through anyway even though it was technically cancelled because they have a 72 hour window for payment after receiving confirm…