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  • I'll third it.
  • That post should be stickied man, phenomenal info.
    in Lsd forms Comment by Ease February 3
  • Thanks for the sale. These last two have been some of the most well stocked ones Ive had the pleasure to see.
  • Nice.
  • Space Queen is another great one that I haven't seen in awhile (or missed it lol).
    in Strains Comment by Ease September 2023
  • Ive got the Apes in Space, I think the flavor pushes it into premium territory, not mad at it being sold as ultra. The flavor is just superb. Thanks for the review on the high society, was thinking about that one especially with the price drop.
  • Indoor, premium, or super premium Northern Lights pleeeeeease. Never lasts long, when it appears ya better jump on it. One of the GOAT strains imo.
    in Strains Comment by Ease July 2023
  • Got the purple thai. Flavor and odor are not the best and its pretty harsh but the look and high are good. Not psychedelic but good front and center sativa head buzz no body buzz at all.
  • @Sixwaychili I have too, but it has been rare. Usually there's something missing whether it be flavor/odor, density of the bud, potency of the high, sometimes it was harvested too early, etc. We shall see.
  • Ah the description is just looted from wikileaf, but it sure sounds great. I grabbed some purple thai, hopefully it lives up to those flowery words, but there's a reason its greenhouse and not indoor or premium. Will report back. The indoor super le…
  • Oof. I guess I should read eh? Thank u @funkynugz
    in 420 Sale! Comment by Ease April 2023
  • After paying in LTC did u guys get payment received confirmation emails?
    in 420 Sale! Comment by Ease April 2023
  • Getting same inf bitcoin request, tried twice. Will try back later. Prices are now correct on the order form though which is great.
    in 420 Sale! Comment by Ease April 2023
  • You can transfer the liquid from the bad one to an empty good one using a hair dryer/heat gun and gravity. Search youtube for transferring vape oil. Lots of vids where u just tape the bad one to the good one where it will flow and hit it with the he…
    in Vape carts Comment by Ease April 2023
  • Curious as well, let us know how it is...
    in Jet fuel Comment by Ease February 2023
  • You can pop off the top and use a hair dryer to warm up the liquid, then drain to your chosen receptacle. There are very small indents right at the top of the pod where u can wedge something in there.
  • Thank yall! Happy holidays everyone.
  • Very nice!
  • CC had em, but it was dry af, at least the orders I got from them. Boveda didnt help much either. Wouldnt mind seeing some haze again, been awhile.
  • I did, got the remains of my second pod out. Hair dryer and turn upside down, simple as that. I used one of the refill syringes from Merlin as the receptacle and taped the pod upside down to it. Hit it with the hair dryer for a few seconds and let e…
  • @Vapedad78 im back to the merlin refills and got some sprk2 ceramic carts to try this time, will try the slow gentle pulls. Cant store upside down though it just sits how it sits in my bag. What carts do you use?
  • Ive given up on the second pod but not vapes. I knew it would be a struggle bc it didnt work properly from the jump. It is about halfway thru the liquid and its clogged beyond redemption. Vapes are always fiddly, but with this device being draw only…
  • Follow up on these pods, first one started clogging with around 1/4 of the liquid left. I would have to take some hard hits to clear it and then it would give some half assed vapor. Today with just a little liquid left I couldnt get it cleared. Used…
  • Got my 2 today, for me theyre not 1 hit, but on par with other Loud and Merlin vapes. Flavor is excellent. One of them hits masterfully, tight mouth to lung, the other is extremely loose. Seems like its just the draw activation switch is a little wo…
  • Whiskey milkshake...now yer talkin! Should be a new strain.
  • There is one review about 10 posts down from yours titled 'new vapes from loud.' Ive got some ordered, curious whether it can make it thru the pod clog free. The carts i have tried, nearing the end is like sucking a basketball through a garden hose.
  • Mixed feelings for me on cc. Tried the flower soon after they came on board and it was ultra dry. Later on after some positive reviews on the msg board, tried em again and still very dry. I did like the fat bags and the cool freebies though. Their v…
  • @medboy It was 37.5 for the 1/8 before it changed for the sale, maybe that was wrong and its correct now, but it was that way (37.5) since it came last fall or so. It was already a sweet deal so I was happy to see the 10% further off.
  • @medboy could u check the pricing on loud's outdoor jager? Was gonna grab some here with the sale, but seems like it went up...
  • Northern lights is goat imo. Best ive had from here was the first few batches of lodi dodi from loud. It went down in quality in subsequent batches, but those first ones were absolutely killer in every way.