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  • @Tac really would love to see some sativa concentrates also maybe they'll come through for us
  • @LoudnCo thanks for everything you guys enjoy your break..... When returning can you see about some sativa concentrates I would like to mix it up some ya know
  • @Tommyandpolly2021 Yeah it works on everything but the sugar diamond it could be wore out cuz I've had it almost a year if not a little longer
  • @Thatguy have you ever had an issue with the apxv3 on changing the temperature setting like mine will not change temperature setting for nothing it randomly changes on its own and right now it's stuck on the lowest setting until it decides to reset …
  • @Mr4Sher I snagged a swordfish yesterday at local head shop for 45 and I love it over the apx it ended up being faulty and would not change heat settings the local vape shop had a as is warranty so I don't go there no more but I'm working through pu…
  • Heck yeah I would I get hot flashes🤣🤣 had something strange happened with my Merlin order it left the spot in Cali late yesterday and hasn't been scanned or nothing since never had that happen
  • @Mr4Sher I would rip it if I could but I live in a complex they probably already wonder why I'm coughing all the time imagine ripping that probably would cough for a hour and a half 😂😂
  • @medboy thanks just didn't wanna cheat anybody
  • @medboy I ordered from Merlin Friday afternoon will this effect my shipment process
  • @Mr4Sher yeah it rips nice and claims to be able to rip a 1/4 gram at once but idk if I can handle it 🤣 I've just always been a Lookah fan but my seahorse pro can't handle these diamonds
  • Wish I would've known about it before I just bought the apx v3
  • @funkynugz I ended up getting an apx v3 pulsar today it's made for harder concentrate it claims it can take a 1/4 gram at a time but not sure I can 🤣🤣 it's got a power strength of 1100mah battery where ours is usually 650
  • @funkynugz thanks any help is greatly appreciated
  • Any ideas somebody plz lol
  • @medboy thanks for the update I was one of em to reply to the email on the 4/20 order so I was just wondering what was going on with everything thank y'all for everything
  • @CapnChronic I see all the shatter is back but still no label 😩
  • @MigraineWarrior79 I understand the hubs being a major problem but I've not even seen a label from the 20th and wasn't informed of a substitute being need until a week later and still no label so it's not just the hubs but I'm not gonna get mad or a…
  • @CapnChronic totally feel ya I ordered on the 20th was finally contacted on the 27th about a substitute for the shatter I ordered because they ran out but I still don't have a label since Wednesday when they contacted me about the substitute
  • Starting to feel forgotten 😂 still no label from loud hopefully it happens soon
  • Hopefully it's already shipped and it just didn't show a label fingers crossed
  • @Mr4Sher Yeah last time I ordered several months ago I didn't get a label for 5 days then finally got one so it ended up taking about 11 days from order date
  • @Vapedad78 totally feel ya in the not tracking part it drives me nuts lol just like I ordered on 4/20 and haven't seen a label from them yet and it killing me🤣
  • Got a crazy story my neighbor had bought a zip off of somebody and had dropped it in a local grocery store called Ingles here and one of the managers had found it laying on the aisle and said that was up front and believe it or not they actually gav…
  • The cart barely fits inside the top of the syringe just make sure you put some kind of plastic over the rubber cap that goes on the end of it that way it doesn't leak out when you're filling it up and just prop it up against something with the car r…
  • Do you have one of those prefilled syringe left I've always heated up the cart real good and let it run into a prefill and I've not really lost much material
  • Haven't even got a label from loud yet on my 4/20 order yet ughhh the wait and unknown makes me crazy 🤣 but I know they always come through can't wait 10g of bubba Kush shatter and also 💎 🍦 🍰
  • Have you messaged medman I'm sure he'll figure something out
  • @medboy where will we look for the code drop
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  • Awesome thanks guys was making sure to save up instead of ordering now since I got enough to get by until then
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  • I ordered the zkittles refill and there really good about ready to doze off so when you see some snatch em up