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  • @MerlinsMagic Yes I am great thank you for checking and y’all be careful in that bad weather coming your way
  • @MerlinsMagic thanks but it’s out for delivery today I was little anxious about it just got rerouted I guess
  • @superman38NC ok thanks that's what i thought. if doesn't update from in transit in a few days it usually means they lost it but i know med man will deliver like last time with extra.
  • WilliamDavidHowell@ definitely truth & Merry Christmas to all as well. MrSher praying for what ever you are doing through
  • Apple mintz is definitely 🔥 us old schooler’s can tell y’all. Another great one currently is the Zhitzs fire from loud great wake and bake if u like breakfast cereal Like count chocula boo berry and then another nap after breakfast 😀
  • @coldstone Mine came today but the mail lady did not leave it in the box luckily I was out side and had to catch up to her to get package before it went back to post office 🏤😀
  • @medboy it showed on informed delivery this morning that it’s out for delivery I guess it didn’t get scanned or something but thank you for the response
  • Ok thanks that’s what I thought my problem is I can’t afford to buy much at a time so I have to nurse what I have between delivery or I just go without
  • Georgia pie smells and taste just like South Georgia fat lighter from fresh cut Georgia pine 🌲 Definitely 🔥
  • Me too I have bitcoin confirmation but not the payment received from medboy
  • It’s not medicine man I haven’t waited more than 5 days for an order to be delivered even from loud .apparently blockchain was backed up yesterday . over 3hrs just to verify my payment after it saying the transaction was not found is when I got c…
  • All is good guess blockchain is backed up today order confirmation just get impatient when it comes to my money
  • Yep I just order from loud and all I can say dang +dang more than satisfied with order got the lemon Do so do- and the outdoor ice cream cake. still working on ice cream it’s just awesome I will try lemon for dessert 😀 but awesome job been here 8 m…
  • Yes I have multiple labels from Merlin as of this morning I have 16
  • Yep it was completely senseless he was charged with possession of paraphernalia and misdemeanor possession of weed. that has been 8 years ago they let up a little on the laws since then but not much our state sucks
    in So pissed Comment by Beach57 July 2022
  • That does suck .a friend of mine was getting his carpets cleaned in his apartment had been smoking the carpet cleaner showed up early and evidently saw a bong that was still smoking so he called his boss and he called the police so my friend got…
    in So pissed Comment by Beach57 July 2022
  • _Awesome call on the outdoor stains tried chemdawg which was really good. current is cherry pie and it’s definitely a hit just ordered outdoor zookies and looks like the one from the pic I saw
  • All I can say is great job on shipping from Cc ordered 5/3received 5/6 I live on the East coast not far from Jacksonville . I have been a customer for 6 months extremely happy with all but one order but everything is much better than the swag we had…