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  • Good news and great prices. Thanks LoudnCo! It’s just too bad I ordered 2 oz the day before this took effect. If only I waited one more day.
  • So will the sale be extended so those of us that can not order today can still get a discount? I know I have probably tried 15+ orders and none worked. Sure is getting old refilling out the order form over and over.
    in 420 Sale! Comment by 00712in April 2023
  • Im getting the inf bitcoin also. I have tried 3 orders so far and always get the inf bitcoin.
    in 420 Sale! Comment by 00712in April 2023
  • I’d say lemon meringue is a mild sativa buzz. It’s a great smoke and do something strain. But doesn’t seem as speedy as say Durbin poison. Sativas don’t make me more anxious so I’m the wrong person to give an opinion on that.
  • Just posted reviews on both. Both are good. Grape gas is fire.
  • Not many strains "wow" me anymore but the cheetah piss definitely did. Hopefully there will be more in the future.
  • Its that time of year again. The postal service is going to get slower and overloaded with holiday packages. Shipping times will get longer. Plan for this and order sooner. I stocked up to get me through the busy shipping season. You will get you pa…
  • Welcome. Would love to see some old school strains. More flower and concentrates. Can never have too many choices. Wasn’t there a shipper named happy trees before? Or am I just medicating too much?
  • I totally agree. These plants have evolved over hundreds of years to grow perfectly in their native conditions. You can never replicate the exact weather, sun, and soil conditions. So you can get something close but never the exact same as grown whe…