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  • @medboy Left you a msg about the shatter from Loud & Co, sorry I just saw the msg saying to email u….
  • Does that go for everyone @medboy? I actually placed an order on April 5th and i received everything in that order that was from Merlin on Monday. The only thing I ordered from Loud & Co was shatter, and not only haven’t I received it, but there…
  • Oh gosh, I wouldn’t even begin to know how to do that 🥺 Is there no other way to remove the vape oil, like with a syringe of some kind maybe? Is there really no way to get the cartridge itself to work? What could be wrong with it? I can’t even figur…
    in Vape carts Comment by Helensrz April 7
  • Unfortunately I can’t remember the shipper, I know it was a full gram live resin cart and it was Gelato, the cart itself was full white, mouth piece and bottom, with black lettering that says AVELL on the white bottom piece that connects to the batt…
    in Vape carts Comment by Helensrz April 5
  • Thanks!! Super helpful information, very much appreciated!
    in CRC Hash Comment by Helensrz February 10