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  • I ordered the mendo breath from ht an got a bag of outdoor gmo in substitute. Would of loved to have gotten those mendo smalls . Maybe next time not sure.
  • Hey guys , I ordered the original flavor not the sour , buddy of mine ate the whole bag , very light , like an edible effect . Swim = 6,2 195lbs .
  • I put my order in for Tahoe an LetGo’s gummies from loud on 4/5/23 hoping it comes through today
  • The shipping time is a huge dealbreaker.A lot of people can’t wait a week or more. I’ve been ordering from MM since 2018 .l don’t mind the wait ,it’s worth it for the quality .But delivery times are the hassle to friends & people I suggest this …
  • 🤞 I put in a order 4/5/23 for purple Tahoe alien 👽 & a bag of letgo’s 🍄with loud …hope shipping doesn’t take that long 😅🤞
  • MMM is on the ball with deliveries! . Post office let’s alot of people down . I’ve had delayed packages ,unknown & return to sender cases . Med boy Delivered an communicated 100%. Just received MMM’s gelato 41 light assisted… buds are de…
  • Thank you MedBoy an the team !! Received the Oz pineapple outdoor in substitute for the magic melon outdoor . I’m very happy , this is very thick smoke diesely pineapple!! Not harsh at all ! Immediately uplifted , pain relief center back of neck …
  • Cmweens1964 Thank you
  • Anybody
  • Med man I emailed you about the package ordered 2/21/23 , incomplete address . That was returned to sender on 2/27/23. I emailed complete address to you . Will you guys send it back out , how’s a situation like this one handled ?
  • Turns out delivery address I wrote was missing few letters , my package was returned to sender on the 27.. Huge mistake on my part ..I’ll have a review on the outdoor magic melon from happy trees soon as I get it . Double check the orde form !!
  • Actually the order from happy trees … it’s not even in the system yet , happy trees / outdoor magic melon , sativa, order placed 2/21/23 . To s.Florida
  • Hey guys just touching base on the happy tree delivery, outdoor magic melon . Ordered February 21st , wasn’t excepted till march 1st. Finally moving it’s way to south Florida. Still waiting patiently . Cannibis club was for sure the fastest deliver…
  • Hey guys , I put order in on 21st for the outdoor magic melon , sativa. Looking forward to delivery, I’ll leave feedback soon as i receive it . Thanks