No. It did have a good flavor but it looked like regular bud. Every once in awhile I’ll get some good weed but you have to just try different strains. I did like the outdoor they had on sale. I found some for $80 a 1/4 that was better than their $110 but I would buy a half or more and split it up. Then if I found a good strain I would buy more. I have never found a straight couch lock.


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  • Anyone else taking 3 weeks?
  • Has anyone tried the Gran Dad Purp?
  • Animals cookies, yum!! I’m ordering more.
  • Anyone try the sour OG that is supposed to lay you out. Just wondering what’s up with it.
  • hey MM. I saw your name with the .is yesterday on an advertisement with some other growers or something. I’ll see if I can find it again.
  • Flappies. How did you like the Bear Kush? Anyone know what is the best right now?
  • I started a review on the Bear Kush. The last strain at bottom of page. I ordered the Alien but they ran out. I received the BK instead and it might be the best Kush I’ve ever tried. The ashes turn white. Definitely in the top 10 out of hundreds. …
  • The premium Bear is really great treat. You will need a grinder or something. Long lasting.
  • Go you tube and look up vape pens. Call someone on the west coast at a pharmacy that sells what you’re looking for and they will tell you what is best. Call Oregon or Washington, prices are cheaper than their southern neighbor. There are review…
  • I enjoyed your outdoor strains like granddaddy purple. It was a little dry but it was still very good and had some legs to it. Definitely better sleep. The Larry Bird/Gelato was also very enjoyable. Can you tell me what is the best strains you have…
    in Strains Comment by sand002 November 2018
  • I agree with you that they have worked hard and have a good name. However, over the last 3 years I never had a problem and if I said something about a product not being right they would give a $10 credit. I would much rather have a good 1/2 of wha…
    in Orders Comment by sand002 November 2018
  • Mb Just read your comment about writing no substitutions if that is important. I didn’t write no sub. I wrote how much I liked the Larry/Gelato and was excited about it.
  • Charley, you’re screwed. I had it happen once and texed them and never heard back. There were about 6 items in the order and I didn’t get my GG Kief. Good luck
  • Winston, the Tahoe looks and smells good but I smoke and 10 min later I can’t tell. Yeah, $180 I’m not happy about. I’m giving it as Christmas presents.
  • don’t buy the Tahoe. Nothing there.
  • I want a strong Indica dominant but like sativa and was looking at the mendo or indoor Gelato or some of the Royal king Louis 13th and there was another with a long name that looked good close to the king. Can anyone help me out? I really liked yo…
    in Strain Comment by sand002 November 2018
  • Enjoyed the outdoor grown that was on sale there for awhile. Got to try some different strains and was impressed by some. I had some sfv that was really good and tasty.
  • Earlier this year I wrote a text because of the quality of the product. I wish I could remember the names but when you spend $120 on a 1/4 it should get you high. I have had many good experiences from mm but my last order was messed up. I have a …
  • Last time I ordered kosher kush it was strong and very enjoyable. This time I ordered it’s just sitting on the dresser because I don’t know what to do with it. It’s not worth smoking.
  • I really like your Larry Bird/Gelato strain. The first time make sure you have nothing to do for a couple hours.