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  • Incredibly disappointing.
  • Your the one with the Trump talking points!
  • Keep your political opinions to yourself!
  • I agree, try Boveda moisture packs, they come in several strengths.
  • New fruit loops...look amazing, multi- colored, fuzzy and sweet smelling. These are the prettiest looking of all the FL so far. ANY MORE AVAILABLE?
  • I have tried the Bear kush. Very potent indica, kushy for sure. Great flavor, great smell, beautiful product. One hit indica wonder. Remarkable!
    in Bear og Comment by Yaqui319 June 26
  • I know it’s not necessary but...could you please try and get more F. Loops ASAP? Thank you very much
  • See, the only way to get certain strains is to have BTC waiting, and hope you see it listed before it disappears. I learned the hard way too! (But I did prevail today)
  • Juicy Fruit will do in a Sativa pinch...but it really wasn’t that great. Lots of better choices usually. Nice taste, beautiful buds but light in the euphoria dept. Slightly disappointed.
  • I have had DG before and it is a strong strain. Not Ghost Train Haze but pretty zippy. Still waiting on mine...
    in Dirty Girl! Comment by Yaqui319 June 19
  • No, no informed delivery for me. It worked great for a few years. It hasn’t worked in the last year or so. What can ya do?
  • I just received the sundae driver today. First time for this strain, looks nice!
  • Oh yes, Gelato 33, when done well is a full bodied hybrid, like GSC with incredible taste and smell. The high is rich and long lasting. It should knock you out a little after the uplift wears off.
    in Gelato 33 Comment by Yaqui319 June 13
  • New York cannabis laws are abysmal, no medical to speak of. Vapes only, strain prohibition,etc. They failed to pass because they could not agree on how to spend the revenue!
    in Is it me? Comment by Yaqui319 June 1
  • Regarding the Gorilla Glue; Back in Nov. I got some of the bad batch too. But be fair...That happened once and it never happened again. MM was incredibly responsive to my complaint and normal GG4 is great. Similar to Sour Diesel, very potent sativa …
  • I meant exactly the same thing. Just trying to help!
    in USPS ID Comment by Yaqui319 May 28
  • Oh yes...The +4 on your zip is mandatory for informed delivery. I am sure it says that somewhere on the PO website.
    in USPS ID Comment by Yaqui319 May 28
  • Nope, it’s possible that the postal service completely misses your mail or package. I have not seen an informed delivery notice in months and I order several times a month. It’s the viral slowdown pretty sure!
    in USPS ID Comment by Yaqui319 May 28
  • I have ordered 2 oz’s plenty of times and I was surprised at the small package size. I live in an apartment building with small mailbox’s, never had a problem.
    in Qp’s Comment by Yaqui319 May 28
  • Waiting on some myself! Will report ASAP!
    in Juicy frut Comment by Yaqui319 May 26
  • The capstone is nice. Sativa dominant, really nice lemony smell and fruity taste.Nice uplift! Big beautiful buds.
  • The description for SLH has been the same for as long as I can remember.
  • Sometimes you get a freebie, sometimes not. If you really want shatter chips, buy some. With all the extra availability now, I don’t see the problem.
    in Lodi Dodi Comment by Yaqui319 May 16
  • The post office is great and they have done an incredible job when you consider the political and financial hit job done to them. Are you aware of the restrictions placed on them by the Current administration? All because king baby doesn’t like Jef…
  • I personally have not had a package scanned by ID in over 6 months. I order at least twice a month.
  • Your commitment shows with each order I receive. The packaging is fantastic, I have never NOT received my order. The quality and care taken is beyond what I ever got on the black market. Thank You Very Very Much!
  • @mpou10 The ID works about half of the time for my address. I haven’t seen any informed delivery in months due to the slowdown. It’s not very reliable anyway. I have stopped caring because it has no effect on delivery. Good luck with your package.
  • I ordered on the 18th, it came yesterday. The strawberry dream was still available on the 18th. It was still listed for a few days after I ordered, so, you should be OK. Good luck... BTW...the Straeberry Dream is very nice!
  • Looking for glass pipes...I recently got one from Bake Brothers online. Many selections! Some very nice things.
  • I also had some of the first batch, and now this newer batch. I think the new one actually has a more sativa feel to it. It also made me a tiny bit paranoid, which is rare. Just amazing!