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  • Yup, when I was about to order too. Oh well
  • @MerlinsMagic Unrelated to the sale, but do you know if you’ll have any more shrooms available again soon? I was about to order but had an issue and it looks like y’all ran out in the meantime. Thanks!
  • Finally seeing my label in ID. 😅 My longest wait time yet, can't blame them tho as there was likely a glitch or something & not the usual at all. Hoping to get a package Monday 🙏
  • @Vapedad78 I got a payment confirmation on the day I ordered but it still wasn't processed properly, not sure what happened
  • Ah damn, I guess i should have trusted my gut & sent an email after a few days of not seeing the label- my order wasn't processed properly. The flower I ordered isn't on the menu anymore either, wonder what sub I'll get
  • ^ I'm on SNRIs myself and the thought of the two interacting hadnt occurred to me. After some very brief googling I'm seeing suggestions that antidepressants could potentially reduce the effects of psilocybin- I guess I should go ahead & go for …
  • Ive never tried shrooms & I'm thinking about buying a 1/8 or 1/4... wondering how many good trips I'd get out of a 1/8 or if I should just go ahead and grab 1/4 🤔
    in Shrooms! Comment by sloane November 2020
  • I'm OH too! Way out in the country though
  • I'm waiting on moonrocks from Loud & Im probably going to try out medmama's next to compare. If yall get some let us know how yall like it
  • Still nothing today, I ordered last Monday too. Not really worried yet I'm just out of flower and going a lil crazy lol. Usually get my shit within a week. Pls refund the USPS 🙏
  • Dang, lucky. I ordered last Monday & still haven't received anything today. Usually I get my shit real quick tho, it's unusual
  • I haven't been seeing any of my package labels show up in informed delivery, even from other shops. Hoping it's all just messed up for me and the goods are on the way anyway.
  • I wouldn't totally rely on it. It's definitely not as accurate/timely as a tracking number, but it's still a helpful tool imo. I've had decent luck with it so far
  • I purchased some Trainwreck from MM years ago. It was great and I've been keeping an eye out since. Sad it hasn't come back, I'd snatch it up
    in Trainwreck Comment by sloane March 2020
  • I wonder if the power outages happening right now have somthing to do with it.. I'm watching informed delivery and noticing some lag within USPS