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  • I received an order today and lemme tell you guys how freaking excited I am!! First I ordered it Tuesday night and have been waiting oh so patiently... I was at the post office first thing this morning cause I had a feeling today was the day... Yest…
  • Got 2 out of 3 packages this week I plan on opening up today 😁😁 will be posting some review later today stay tuned 😋😋
  • It's be cool if we could post pics on here of the stuff we order I'd loveee to see pics other than the pics in the strain description
  • I just ordered some of the 9lb hammer along with some of the Bear Creek og I can't wait to try it!
  • I recommend the cloud v alien vape.. it's not a disposable cartridge it's an actual vape pen that comes with a wax atomizer and a distillate tank.. it holds 1.5 gs of distillate and the wax atomizer holds a g of concentrate.. in my opinion disposabl…
  • Every concentrate I've ever gotten from MM has been too die for!! Totally dispensary quality!! The diamonds are a must try for everyone!
  • I have the same problem with edibles!! I've found that that if I eat a large dose (300+mg) of edibles made with concentrate rather than flower I can feel the effects some what but in my opinion it isn't even worth it at that point.