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  • Just curious, why can't you heat the syringe with a lighter then transfer to cart? I've read a lot of comments about not doing that but don't understand why. Thanks if someone has the reason
  • Any new vape syringes strains coming soon?
  • would love some more syringe refils
  • well said stelldude
  • For what it's worth. I'm pretty sure the pineapple express syringe is from a different supplier than previously. In my opinion that is good. This new batch is very good, the last one I wasn't a fan of. TY
  • Medboy, can you find out if the pineapple express syringe from med mama is the same supplier as the last time?
  • Preferably syringes if possible
    in Shipper Comment by jk73 February 2019
  • Would love for the syringes to come back soon
  • Thanks aps. Have you ever tried any of the pod systems? I was thinking of trying Juul or Pax with the pods and refill those.
  • Thanks jl and medboy. I think right not this is just where the tech is. I'm hopeful for the pod systems and eventually something that automatically measures temp vs. viscosity etc. Right now, I guess just ordering from ebay is the best bet (unles…
  • Cherry Pie Refill: A, I have to admit I was concerned about this one. It is a strain that I've always "thought" should be good for me but in flower never did that much. I bit the bullet and must admit, the taste is beyond great. Similar to the WI…
  • Thank you medboy, exactly what I wanted to know.
  • I just experienced the same thing with my most recent order. I ordered the Tangie refill but received Acid Dream. Seems strange since Tangie seems to always be on the website. I'm more curious what happens if you do say no substitutions. If th…
  • be interested to hear about the dream\green crack.
  • Winston. haven't tried the flower but i'm a big fan of the vapes.
  • Medboy, couple of quick questions 1) how long do you hold an order without payment (i'm waiting for bitcoin process and sometimes it takes awhile) 2) is the XJ-13 in syringe from Medicine Love the same supplier as the XJ-13 from Med Mama? 3)is t…
  • I would love to see a link to leafy or allbud or something for the strain information, THEN a small personal writeup from you since the same name doesn't necessarily have the same taste or strength each time. It would also be helpful to know if the…
    in Strains Comment by jk73 November 2018
  • MM is amazing. As someone who lives in a state where even medical isn't available this has been a godsend. It is sincerely appreciated from a long time chronic pain sufferer. I recently had an issue with one of the cartridges from Med Mama, I v…