I always use Medicineman when I run out of home grown. It's a chancy situation for a senior to buy local in an illegal state. I appreciate your outstanding, safe and secure service plus I learned how to use Bitcoin!!!! Thanks


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  • I've done this several times. A couple of years ago good weed was $74 an oz out the door so I went out there quite a bit. I travel to Denver with self addressed postage paid boxes and sealing tape in my suitcase. First at home I get a little b…
  • Coinbase restricts new account holders on weekly transactions. I don't remember how long it takes but if you continue to use Coinbase the restrictions will be lifted.
  • Okay, one more time: Don't use your bank account with Coinbase because it takes a week for your money to transfer. Use a credit card/debit card to fund Coinbase because it's INSTANT.
  • IMO I too use Coinbase and have been for several years now and it's easy as pie. There are fees that I hate to pay but for ease of use it's worth it. One warning; they place limits on new users so I strongly suggest all new users make many s…
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  • These are clickable links:
  • Good news for me; The weed I ordered on April 20th arrived today, April 27th here in the Midwest. It came from WA. Two 1 hitters and I'm nailed already while writing this, It's been a week since I ran out. LOL. I grow my own indoors but …
  • On my browser it's showing a green https which is secure. Sometimes when images or other forms of content are uploaded to a https site it makes the site not secure because the upload "could" contain bad code. Safari and other browsers don't b…
  • I usually get my order in 5-7 days. I did notice one weird thing for an order I just made on April 20th; I get notified from the USPS when I have mail coming. This is the notice I received this morning: Pre-Shipment Shipping Label Created, …
  • One other thing I'll mention; if I remember correctly, when you first use Coin Base, some of your abilities are hindered until you have had some transactions under your belt. If you're new, you may have problems such as limited to how much you ca…
  • I have had an account with Coin base for a couple of years and really never had a problem with it. I find it easy to use. Using my credit card (debit cards work too), I can buy bitcoin in about 2 minutes. If a bank account is used, it takes abou…
  • I've used a hair dryer
  • Are you using Coinbase?