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  • Nice collection there! @bluedreamer i often wonder how strains have been affected by all the breeding throughout the years. I’ve yet to find a Super Lemon Haze batch that matches what I had over 15 yrs ago. Lots of close ones but I’ll never forget t…
  • @TheProfessor thx for the review on the Cherry D! Sounds fantastic. I’ll be watching for it. Recently picked up some Slurty which is a cross of Dosidos and Purple Punch. Sounds like the effects are similar. Dosidos must be the latest strain to cross…
  • Wow! Coming from you I didn't hesitate @TheProfessor just ordered! See reviews work 😎 Need more let me know! @MerlinsMagic 😉
  • Awesome reviews of PM and Z3! @TheProfessor I'm waiting to see what Merlin drops later before I order again. Eyeing that PM. I'm curious to hear how that Cherry Dosidos is 😎. They all sound great!
  • I know what you mean! Truly a kid in the candy store here 🤣. An addiction I’m admitting too and may need help is checking this site more than I should lol.
  • Sounds great! @posternugbag I’ll let you know about NYCD. I imagine it will be end of week or later before it arrives.
  • The limeade is probably the loudest of the two in regards to aroma and terps. As far as effects both are very similar. If I was ordering between the both I would go with limeade.
  • @funkynugz i don’t mind the edibles but my choice is always jays/buds. Many times I request that and get gummies too. I throw them in the freezer for when I’m feeling that vibe. My fav so far of the freshies is the Lemon Cookies. Great flavor and hi…
  • The Strawberry Limeade and Mojito are both excellent sativas! Both provide clear minded energy. Great for starting a work day. Zookies had me giggling like a little kid the other night. Mr Miyagi was a little dry so it’s been chilling with boveda. P…
  • I almost went with a split of Permanent Marker and Face Melt. @TheProfessor your right with those genetics you can’t go wrong.They definitely look premium for an indoor price. @posternugbag looking forward to your review. Showed Loud some love thi…
  • Ordered late Thurs from Merlin and received this am! Wish this could be everyone's shipping experience. USPS is hit n miss anymore. Very grateful when it lands early. Received my 2 splits so big thx @MerlinsMagic Mr Miyagi is pretty, haven't tried i…
  • That’s awesome news! @MigraineWarrior79 that’s a good friend😎 I’m game! @TheProfessor i would take you up on that any day my friend 💚
  • Nice! @Vapedad78 plz let me know how that push pop is. Loud has had that occasionally but I never bought any. @MigraineWarrior79 I like the prerolls for the $. Sometimes it's nice to not have to roll too 😎. NP I would share with most anyone on he…
  • Moon boots was a big surprise! Loved the effects. A good batch of that, Frankenstein, or Mothers Milk would be cool. Just ordered from Merlin hopefully getting Mr Miyagi, Zookies, Mojito, & Strawberry Limeade. Summers not over yet!
  • @Vapedad78 what did you get from Loud?
  • @MigraineWarrior79 wish I could share with you! No fun to be out. Hopefully it arrives soon. Did you get the prerolls?
  • @Thatguy i don’t remember that one but I do remember an IG Kush or something like that probably 2-3 yrs ago. It was a hard hitter. I’ve only been a member 4 yrs. @Vapedad78 i was thinking of Fruit Loops the other day 🔥
  • Ordered on the 29th and received yesterday the 5th from Merlin. 5 days shipping for Loud is excellent. The GH prerolls are not to shabby. Will buy again.
  • @leaf it’s wild having all the choices now days. Like you said delivery to the door 🤙🏼
  • 🙏🏻 for everyone in its path!
  • Nice review! @Jdtokes I like weed so I bought the 3-pack 😎. Hopefully I get the requested split. If not 3 packs of White Runtz sounds great.
  • I’m with you @Sixwaychili they’re all good. Not sure what my next order will be…too many options
  • 😂😁😎 so basically these are fresh and get you high!?
  • Love the reviews! @TheProfessor i felt the same way. No complaints with what I sampled! The beach wedding was absolutely gorgeous! I’m typically a big fan of anything Wedding Cake. This was a big hit. I actually finished off the Purple Runtz today. …
  • @Rockymtnhigh i see Lemon Cake and Grapefruit still on the menu. If you are subbed with either of those you should be good. Hope you get the Tangielope though!
  • @MerlinsMagic that was quick! Noticed the menu still has Lemon Cake and Grapefruit. Those sold out? @OzBaxter wow nice! Don’t blame you. I keep all bag seeds. Had some good grows from them in the past.
  • 😂 @posternugbag @TreesPlz whats your thoughts? I haven’t tried them yet.
  • Nice review! @OzBaxter spot on description for the effects. Some sativas can have the opposite effect in regards to being productive. Not this one. I’ve also found 1 seed so far.
  • Got my split of the outdoor Tangielope and Lemon Cake. Impressed with both! The cure is nice and when ground you can really smell those terps! Both have sativa dom effects. The Lemon Cake gives a huge boost of energy but the tail end has me wantin…