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  • Well said @Thatguy @medman @LoudnCo @medboy @HappyTrees @MerlinsMagic you guys rock!! Hands down best menu I've seen to date since I've been a member. The options, no shipping fees, and sale today is why I ❤️ you guys. One day I hope to shake your h…
  • @medboy just checking if your seeing LTC payments make it over? Ordered early am couple diff orders. Got payment completion just no confirm emails..I don't won't to miss that Sour D 🤙🏼😎😂 Thx! Happy 420 everyone!
  • @Marc_Emery must be. I used LTC
  • Thx!! @medboy everyone FYI the gas tax for btc at least on my end was going to be almost $100 in fees 😬. Had to use diff email address to get code again and I used LTC instead. Less than a few $ in fees. Looking forward to that couple zips of UP Sou…
    in 420 Comment by superman38NC April 20
  • @medboy cant wait! Just eager to get that 4:20 Code!
  • The suspense! 😎 can forum members get early access to sales?? 🙏🏻 @medman @medboy
    in 420 Comment by superman38NC April 19
  • @MerlinsMagic how's the indoor Pink Runtz & Zoap. Both look really nice! Had PR up in NYC and it was incredible.
  • I think MB said in another thread sale is late night 4/19-4/21 morning @Southernbellesmoker
    in 420 Comment by superman38NC April 17
  • @DankyHawaiin thx for the awesome review! I was skeptical as I am towards most carts. Only had a few that hit like your description. Which inspired a midnight order 😎 Went for LA Skittlez so hopefully it arrives before the 4/20 sale. Wanted to grab …
  • Cool my friend! @Lou_lew hope you get it soon! Both are excellent
  • If you ever run across Glitter Bomb grab some it's good! Also Louds new UP offering of Jealousy and PM are both 🔥. Finally some bud that's perfectly cured. Not powdery dry.
  • @Jaybird922 my recent Loud orders have all gone that way. Looks like nothing is moving on 4or 5th day all the updates appear and it arrives next day.
  • I should be getting my Loud split of PM/Jealousy today. New PM batch looks 🔥. Hopefully they are not extremely dry like the GG4/Chemdawg/ Banana Bellini I ordered prior.
  • @Vapedad78 went with the same split! Jealousy & PM are two of my favs. UP for indoor $ yes please 😎
    in Sale!! Comment by superman38NC March 27
  • I've also tried THCa products with the same conclusion. The couple flowers I've tried gave me headaches. If these are derived from cannabis not hemp why market as THCa? Confusing market now days.
    in THCA Comment by superman38NC March 27
  • Will be curious to see the reviews on these. Skeptical for now since all packaging info has the same UID, batch, and pack date. Also the listed Phone # isn't affiliated with JB from my quick google. I'll buy flower here all day but finding legit vap…
  • @Mr4Sher thx I probably misread allbud. Maybe RS11 just has a higher % of cbd than most. Glad you liked! Getting subbed stinks but hopefully you will like that Ice Cream Cake..I'm eyeing what HT dropped yesterday. I think all 3 vendors has ICC now 😎
  • I've had RS11 that a higher cbd/thsee ratio? Definitely waiting your review of Apple Fritter! Tried in a concentrate not flower. Been on my list. Hope you like the PM!
  • @Mr4Sher the Tahoe Cookies is great. One of the more relaxing strains I've had..don't 💨 early unless you want to be derailed for the day 😂 Not many strains can do that to me. With that said the PM is excellent for anytime of day although it packs a…
  • @tac totally understand. Funny enough the first little bud I rolled had 3-4 nice seeds. Haven't found any since. Almost done with my 1/4.
  • @Mr4Sher I've had both batches and still have some of the recent..I don’t find the strength to be less at all..after a couple days of anything I tend to find the effects less..keeping a variety helps. Tolerance breaks help too..easier said than done…
  • I can definitely leave a positive review on trust pilot. Been using the site 2019. Overall very happy with the quality of products. Few hiccups but who doesn’t exp that anymore. You guys always make it right! Suggestions-I think a preroll section…
  • Thanks friend..White Strawberry sounds great!.one day we will catch up and burn down 🤙🏼...this batch of SC has surprised me. About to grind some up for the morning 😎
  • @TheProfessor people watching can be entertaining 😂. My last trip to D.C. was like smelling display jars..all prepackaged hurry up and get out..unlike when I went to Cali and Colorado well before Covid you could linger. 1/10ths?!! geez what…
  • @leaf indeed! Wow I really had some bad auto correct on my last post..(the outer bag, sandwich, were good sized)
  • @Jaybird922 sweet! I really like the dabs. One of the cleanest concentrates I've tried. The twist-lock container is an added bonus.
  • My last Loud order was 5 days..not bad at all! Same with HT and Merlin..guess it just depends. @leaf how's that A & B?
  • I can't wait to have that luxury @TheProfessor my dispensary visits still feel like going to Disney! Too far and few times unfortunately. I'm looking forward to going back to NYC. I was able to go to their first downtown legal store last wa…
  • @TheProfessor I'll be on the look out for Tahoe OG. Loud had some Purple Tahoe last year and it was one of my favs. I really like Happy Trees packaging. Little diff from the rest. Th putter bag is easily reusable and inside my split was in labeled s…
  • White strawberry sounds delicious! So does Sherbhead.. @TheProfessor so funny I was looking at Tahoe genetics yesterday and saw that Archive Seedbank created MoonBoots.. unfortunately they were out of those seeds but I'm eyeing anything Tahoe now.