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  • You all think it was because the rosin they were made with vs other extraction methods? Perhaps led to a cleaner, more full spectrum experience? Was thinking of trying the "distallate" orally, but seems all that is strong and fun sometimes but not…
  • "I'd only expect mold if the strain used was blue cheese" Cheesy ass comment lol
  • At the end of the day you just have to smoke and see what you like, quite a costly venture chasing a specific affect unless a med patient in legal state. Having said that, the earthiest, musky fuelly indicas with tight n sticky but well cured buds …
  • If kevin costner brought me some mothers milk on horseback outta leather satchel that would be dope as hell, long live the usps
  • No its horrible, was all sticks and stems and burned like dried oregano, I highly recommend letting me buy it first and test it again....... j/k, cant wait till my bitcoin clears.....hope her teets havent dried up before then
  • I ended up going with the watermelon dream and banana kush last go 'round. While I'm still not a huge fan of vaping and apparently edibles have once again raised my tolerance, both carts seem to be excellent quality and potent. The high just doesn…
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  • If you vape and have a fairly high powered mod/battery, then there are plenty of cheap options that work well as far as specialized atomizers that screw in to it. Have to check the name of mine but it has a titanium bucket thats super easy to use a…
  • Anybody else notice a difference between the high of diff flavor/color drops or am I just nuttier than usual and imagining it? mangoe is my fav, nice hybrid affect imo. And this could very well be mental but darker colors seem to knock me out wit…
  • sorry, but taken outta context that subject line is funny as heck! but for real...dab em roll em, and then put your seat belt on.
  • edibles
  • thanks!
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  • Reports on med mama's cbd strains anybody? These are pure hemp plant flowers Im guessing. The descriptions sure read there is a high at the end of the rainbow but I'm skeptical, any of the predominantly cbd products Ive tried didnt do a thing to me…
  • Thanks guys, pre made crap gets expensive quick. Mr. Biter, in short if I have an autoimmune condition and guts that make me feel like crap anytime I eat much of anything do you recommend a bone broth fast to kill off some of the bad stuff and hea…
  • I feel ya, I have two or three local options who are also friends, and they have stuff that always looks really nice, has popular names, sometimes smells dank, but after medman's quality I am always dissapointed. I wonder if its all massed produced…
  • I did and caught some shit about it at the time!
  • I was getting Monday's orders from loud by end of the week, saturday at the latest for the longest time. Ordered from medmama and approaching the two week mark . maybe its all slowing down, sucks, local stuff just aint the same, even if it "looks…
  • Dangit are the gum drops out again! I been missing those - other than melting issues are the bears potentially the same?
  • Good to hear a forum og back me up on some alien og thats hopefully halfway across the country to my lungs by now.
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  • Thanks for the great non biased info folks are adding to this thread, it takes time to sift thru the bullshit during all this. We'll get through this, but hopefully we can ease the passage with some good green in the meanwhile!
  • For recreation at your weight I would eat it all. Medicinally I would quarter it and snack throughout the day. And George your story sounds like mine, 8 yrs of various doctors and never a diagnosis, then a naturopath doc working out of his house …
  • Cuz TP is all sold out everywhere
  • I would say its more a stoney conversational style vs poor syntax, I like it lol!
  • Hey George, do you make your own bone broth? If so where does one get some good bones? I tried at our local sprouts and butcher looked at me crazy when I asked for bones, figured lots had been asking. They did have some bs organic blah blah blah …
  • And my wife is a nurse at a hospital, several legit reasons to want a good indica around
  • Thanks medboy, for actual data, if I could find actual data and not emotional bs about the virus and politics I wouldnt be "tripping" as the pastrana wannabe stated. I have a fucked up autoimmune condition and have a mother on complete lock down i…
  • Ok folks, today should be my day to re-up and SO many choices. You guys think most of loud's outdoor strains are still in stock??? Thanks
  • thanks for the feedback, its all kinda making sensemiila now
  • dangit did fruit loops sell out? I ordered blackberry kush, possibly my all time fav but wanted to try fruit loops when funds allowed for a riskier proposition. Awaiting review on that one fo sho!
  • Don't bite the hand that feeds, keeping my avatar lol
  • Anybody?? Kinda waiting for new strains to post but cant wait too much longer, wish I knew how much jaeger was left cuz no good sub options if I go with load. Ogre prolly the best but if med mama is still slow as Christmas i dunno....