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  • Welp, my pack left WA on the 17th, expected delivery date was Monday, and it's now Friday. Delivery date unknown. Sent in the missing package form, got a note back that basically said "just wait longer". It's been a long time since i've had any pack…
  • See, that's worrisome. When I was new to this and researching how to get my bitcoin, I found a Reddit thread where someone had gotten a very similar letter from them except that they actually named the website he was trying to buy from (it was onlin…
  • May the Fourth be with you, padawan.
  • So, they made a newbie mistake how? Sent the wrong thing?
  • According to ID, mine should be here Monday, along with my Loud order from the previous week. I ordered the Thai, I'll post a review if I'm able. 🙃
  • @georgetirebiter - I remember it said something about it being a good strain for you if you're the kind of person that doesn't mind seeing the occasional lizard man. That sold me, lol.
  • @maryjanelover11 It could be they needed to regenerate your label for whatever reason, it would show up as 2 separate packages and you'll only see one move. Well, hopefully anyway. I've also got a Loud order in that's been sitting in pre-ship for 3 …
  • Looks like they're only taking a limited amount of orders a day and then they take them down until the next day, according to the new homepage notice. I knew I should have jumped on that Thai this morning.
  • Nope, Coinmama's been on point for me. Could be your bank account. I know wells fargo really hated my coinmama transactions before I got my debit card Visa certified.
  • That is odd. Were the purchases made online or in store? Google Wallet doesn't store your CVI so they must have gotten your info somewhere else. Keyloggers are having a field day right now. Who do you bank with?
  • @TutorGirl - lmao! Sounds like something I would do. They really need to rename those, shatter is shatter ffs.
  • My state's trying their damnedest to get the smokable CBD flower banned because the cops can't tell the difference, lol. I tried it awhile back and I've gotta say, I wasn't impressed. Zero psychoactive effects and tasted like burning hay. Absolutely…
  • Well shit, lol. Oh well, it's free. 😄
  • I've had pretty much every freebie they've listed except the shatter chip, which is what I requested this time around. Gotta admit, I'm excited as hell to try it as I've never done concentrates before. Figured it was time to switch it up since my to…
  • @georgetirebiter - It was here, near the bottom (he said outdoor, not greenhouse, I got that mixed up) - https://medicinemanonline.com/discussion/722/can-we-expect-new-stock-anytime-soon#latest
  • Oh damn, I'm glad I got my White Cookies/Black Lime order in yesterday! I know Medboy mentioned that they couldn't get any more greenhouse from Loud because of the virus. They very well may run out if their supply chains have been cut off. I really …
  • @laspace - Mine's also been in pre-shipment since Tuesday and that's very unusual for Loud. I'm thinking ID might indeed be having issues.
  • @georgetirebiter Are you a writer? Because if not, you should be.
  • I ordered a half oz of the GC yesterday. Now that I can actually smoke sativas without having a panic attack (thanks zoloft), I'm super excited to try it out!
  • Looks like it's working now, guys. Got my L&Co indoor 1/2 oz for $153!
  • Got it today, YAY! Haven't tried it out yet but it smells absolutely divine! Thank you so much MB!
  • Well, here's my timeline: originally ordered 10/28, emailed 11/8 to figure out what was up (I had left the address line blank, my mistake there), got an email from MB on 11/11 saying it was going out, and here I am on 11/20, still empty handed. Noth…
  • Well my issue ended up being that I'm a dumbass and left the street address off the order form! I had issues with the captcha and had to refresh the page a few times, it must have kicked the address off and I didn't notice. Luckily Medboy's a good e…
  • Flapples - It was a Med Mama sample 1/8th. I haven't seen anyone else having issues though, probably just me and my rotten luck. Of course it could show up tomorrow.
  • FWIW I don't know if you're missing much. It doesn't seem to work at all for packages. I have Amazon packages that I know are on their way to me and they don't show up anywhere unless I manually input the tracking number. I've been checking it const…