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  • Check out Jamaican women. They don't stop for pregnancy. been that way forever
  • I'm not really disagreeing with you there. I bet I would enjoy that bud and have no problem with it, most likely. The thing about flushing is you have to use soil-less to make it work. The plant will use up all available nutes and the leaves will tu…
  • Yes, but don't ask him to shave them
  • I read it on the internet, so it must be true, haha. But seriously, I was using a soil-less mixture and applied organic liquid in the water. Plants get to dry a bit each day much faster than dirt. So you apply nutes, each time you water, which is 2-…
  • I use a heat gun with digital temp control. Set the temp to just above what it takes to get it to vaporize. Usually between 360-400 F. But plants retain fertilizers if not flushed at the end of the grow process. I've grown my own, flushed the pots a…
    in Vape cough Comment by Ant123 June 2020
  • Can you ask them if they are able to reduce the nutrient load on the final product by either flushing the grow pots, or some other method? Do they grow in dirt? I was able to make a nice tincture from what I bought, but vaping is my favorite.
  • That sounds good. I guess I'll have to deal with it until then. I also know that on indoor, if you use a soil-less medium, and "organic" nutrients, and flush - you get a very clean and sweet tasting product. And no throat and sinus pain
  • I'm looking for natural, whatever you call it. Outdoor is probably as close as I'm going to get on here. I grew semi-hydro and flushed at the end and had none of the side effects I'm experiencing now. I wasn't saying that organic is the same as p…
  • Do you know if I can get anything like this on this site? I don't have the space to grow my own anymore
  • I would have to disagree. Fertilizer that's organic is certainly better, but it's still something I don't want in my throat / sinus. Besides flushing is simple, you just use plain water and it saves you money. Does Medicineman have any organics?
  • That works for me! Thanks
  • My pen has two cartridges. One for liquid and one for dab. Are diamonds glassy like shatter? What about distillates or live resin. The terms are still new to me. Are diamonds more waxy or glassy?
  • I'd like to second that emotion. I had to learn the hard way that there are some pretty elaborate scams working out there. Getting scammed led me to this place, so I guess that was my path. Great product and great service! che tu possa avere cento a…
  • Yes the first time I used Coinbase I verified my identity, bought BTC and then used it to pay medboy all within an hour. But then a couple days later I heard about the holiday sale and wanted another order. I bought more coins but they said I couldn…
  • I used Coinbase for my first purchase. When the holiday sale came up, I tried to use it again but ran into a weekly limit. It was easy except for that. I loaded it on 12/14 and they said it would be available 12/18. I ordered on 12/15 so I'm hoping …
  • So my bank 5/3 has a minimum greater than the holiday discount amount of my order. My question is can I send MORE than the amount in my order response or does it have to be the EXACT amount. They won't let me buy (BitQuick) the smaller amount