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  • I personally have had several erigs. I like the Cloud Electro by far. It is very sturdy for an erig doesn’t feel cheap at all. The dr dabbed boost is good too, but it is significantly smaller and feels more fragile. I’d say the dabber is more portab…
  • I got a split oz of premium BB octane and sunset sherbet. The BB octane is def some of the most beautiful buds I’ve ever seen. Absolutely coated in kief. The pics do not do justice to in person with your own eyes. Def a good nighttime strain for me …
  • I had the premium white rhino from loud last batch, by far my favorite flower from MedMan!
  • I just got my Biscotti and Cherry Vortex yesterday! I haven’t tried Biscotti yet. But Cherry Vortex is amazing! @liarliar03 it is a sativa hybrid for me that did not give me anxiety like some. It also is the best smelling and tasting flower I’ve had…
    in Outdoor! Comment by Kris10 January 2021
  • @Indicas definitely would rather smoke a dead bug than pesticides 💯 facts! The thought of pesticides makes me cringe
    in Outdoor! Comment by Kris10 December 2020
  • @Kellybelly99 what did you get from Jane? How is it? I got some vapes a while back and they had zero effect
  • @TheProfessor i am looking forward the this outdoor! Thank you for your reassurance
    in Outdoor! Comment by Kris10 December 2020
  • @liim ohh okay haha that makes sense. I was high so got spooked 😂😂
    in Outdoor! Comment by Kris10 December 2020
  • @liim oh gosh you got me freaked out now about bugs 😰has anyone ever seen any from MedicineMan?!
    in Outdoor! Comment by Kris10 December 2020
  • I tried to look up pics on the forum of outdoor but no luck. What do you usually prefer? Outdoor vs greenhouse vs indoor?
    in Outdoor! Comment by Kris10 December 2020
  • I’ve never tried the outdoor but I just got a a split oz of Cherry vortex and Biscotti. I’m hoping I’ll be okay with this quality
    in Outdoor! Comment by Kris10 December 2020
  • How did I not see this post when I ordered 😢
  • I got a half oz and I’m so excited! I’ve had fresh frozen Dolato shatter from Loud about a year ago and I loved it. Was probably the best shatter I’ve had
  • Thanks for everyone’s advice! I’ll let you know how it goes!
  • I stick to weed but look how many views this thread has compared to the rest 😂😂 I am sure MedMan is gonna be selling more bud also with the incoming traffic that shrooms will bring
    in Shrooms! Comment by Kris10 December 2020
  • I ordered some delta 8 distillate and I’m hoping to try it this weekend
  • I have been loading the site every few hours to see when new strains will be loaded. I think they probably will have more up by Tues or Weds. I’m sure Green Friday was a big day
    in Hurry Comment by Kris10 November 2020
  • @KannaMannnn i use the brand CBDfx empty 510 Vape carts. They are super easy to fill and durable. They do clog, but all of them clog for me. I don’t like the fancy sub ohm tanks for Med Mamas syringes
  • @MigraineWarrior79 I don’t have any suggestions for pain, but I just wanted to say I wish you a speedy recovery. Also, I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry going on 16 years now and I think you are making the best decision possible not f…
  • I have the sub ohm thick oil Honey Stick Sport device and I would NOT recommend it. At least not for Mama’s refillable syringes. I liked replacing generic 510 cartridges much better. The Honey Stick bubbled it up too much on a high setting, and on a…
  • UPDATE: I filed the missing mail claim and VOILA! THANK YOU TO RUBY AND MED BOY!
  • They usually do give discounts during the holidays. Just wait a little longer and save $ if you can
  • @Rubygirl816 , I filled out the missing mail tracker and now it is showing it should deliver today! I hope that is accurate! I truly appreciate your suggestion and will let you know if it comes today 😊 Amherst Sour Diesel and Mimosa premium, I’m …
  • @medboy I know your team will make it right, I have confidence in that! Best company I do business with, that’s for sure! I filed a claim with USPS and they are searching for the mail piece. Wish me luck everyone 😂 I need some of that Mimosa lol
  • @Rubygirl816 I have never heard of that. I will try that on the website now. Thank you so much for your advice
  • I ordered mine 10-27 and MedMama shipped it 10-28 but it is still in the hands of USPS unfortunately. I will let you know how it is as soon as I receive it. I’m hoping they don’t have to do a reshipment because if so they might not have stock anymor…
  • That BlackBerry looks good but i just restocked. Don’t you hate it when they drop the amazing bomb selection after you restock 😂 wish I had spare BTC
  • Stay safe, MedMan and crew!!
  • I’ve always wanted to try them but I’m kinda scared I’ll have a bad trip. I have heard stories. But it is awesome to see them being offered. I might give them a try because I trust MedicineMan
    in Shrooms! Comment by Kris10 November 2020
  • @MigraineWarrior79 this might sound silly but a couple things that help me with my anxiety and PTSD are painting and cross stitching. I’m not very good at painting lol but mixing the paints is relaxing. I do acrylic pouring. Also cross stitching REA…