Hey Y'all I am just being thorough here. I have already received 2 orders from MM's and have been well pleased. My last order which was made and paid on the same day but this time I have not had a reply in regards to accepting the funds and certainly nothing saying mail was on the way. I absolutely can understand you don't work on Saturdays but some kind of response from someone who is a MM would be nice. Dooky


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  • @maryjanelover11 cool beans. I will be making another larger order later this week. I love the Medboy's they do good work with great quality.
  • @maryjanelover11 thats good to hear. I just order some pre rolls of this and are looking forward to it.
  • @daCabbie I order pre rolls as I don't have to worry about getting cones or papers. It is just more convient for me. all I have to do is just grab one and light it up.
  • Holy Shit - my order came in and Y'all have my gratitude and admiration. Absolutely Awesome
  • Y'all I just got in my shipment of Master Kush and Delato indoor. Holy Sheeeeeeeeeet. Damn Son. This is a must. Awesome. I love the Medboy's !!!
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  • I was smoking some red-haired scent with a friend in his loft apartment in his garage. while we were getting stoned he noticed some work prisoners outside working on the road with the Sheriff watching them so he pulls out an album by Judas Priest an…
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  • I ordered 20 more but this time I am trying to see which ones I am smoking so I know what to order in the future. but to be honest everything I have received from ya'll has been outstanding.
  • Hey received yesterday. they came in tubes I believe I for Indica and S for Sativa and let me tell you. Absolutely Awesome. Thanx Y'all. Great job!!
  • ok, like I said I don't have any complaints of the product I have received thus far. I look forward to not having to roll it myself.
  • You can never go wrong with the Gelato
  • just keep the faith. From my own personal experience, I can say you will get your order.
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  • ok so Update for everyone and I am sorry I should have said this earlier but Medman delivered so I have no complaint. It seems the system may be going through some changes and even in the midst they are still getting deliveries out so I want to Tha…
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  • One thing I can say that what I have received I have no complaint. As in every case, there are going to be personal fav's but if folks research the strains available at that particular time then I feel pretty confident in saying they won't be disapp…
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  • Wow, Y'all are up early.
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  • I just received an email a little over an hour ago asking me a question about bitcoin. I hope I was best able to answer the question as I am definitely not the foremost authority on bitcoin. I would post the message here but it has transaction id's …
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  • my first 3 deliveries all were within days no more than 4. I am hoping the Med guys are working on it.
  • well I have had 1 conversation with them today and that was it. so I am hoping. I am sorry to hear it happened to you as well. It is my hopes and from past experience with MedMan that the issue will be resolved.
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  • strange. - though I did give the confirmation number showing they accepted my payment. I haven't heard from them since the one email I received this morning asking me to clarify what my question was - that was when I sent the confirmation informatio…
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  • I did, I also sent the confirmation number I received when they accepted my bitcoin payment. Hopefully, this will help things go smoother as I have never had a problem with an order from them. I appreciate what they do. I will keep y'all posted. Tha…
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