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  • Anyone out there still sending BTC payments on Coinbase...?.....Are BTC network fee's coming down or higher recently ?
  • Would appreciate more information from Medicine Man on this subject...
  • Anyone else experiencing problems sending Bitcoin payments on Coinbase this week ?
  • Are BTC network fees lower in recent days.. like less than $2-$3 for a transaction ?
  • Thank you for the procedure....I try to keep a low Coinbase balance to just cover the payment ...If the network fee is TOO HIGH I am unable to even PREVIEW SEND due to my low acct balance....When you say "Tap Migrated" I assume that is some kind of …
    in Service fee$$ Comment by Katy April 29
  • How would COINBASE customers know how to send a payment using the CHEAP OPTION....Do I have to contact their customer service (LOL) & ask them about it again.... Coinbase has never offered me any cheap option when asked ?...And wouldn't your o…
    in Service fee$$ Comment by Katy April 29
  • I quit smoking cannabis about a week ago (11/18 )....It has been quite easy considering I started smoking back in 1970.... More energy/vivid dreams...Give credit to Jimmy Dore (a podcast) & not being held hostage to stupid network fees...Hasta L…
  • This coming Monday 20th ?
  • Martha Stewart probably had something to do with his decision...!
  • I have recently been experiencing OUTRAGEOUS blockchain NETWORK FEES when trying to send a BTC payment.....amounts like $12 are common even during nights/off peak hours....Not one comment from anyone on this Blog so I guess ALL IS WELL !
  • Some folks are just better off than others...People living on fixed/reduced income try to manage/reduce their expenses as they confront STAGFLATION...For example living in Texas I could drive up to a dispensary in Trinidad CO tomorrow and load up fo…
    in Help Us Out Comment by Katy March 2023
  • I am having a problem with Coinbase using my laptop WEBCAM to UPDATE verification of identity PHOTO which does not have the perfect resolution to be accepted...I do not OWN OR NEED a SMART PHONE !....Sent an updated photo 3 times & rejected...H…
  • Happy Trees.... I live in rural Texas where packaging is important...Do you double shrink wrap...or any information on package /security...Thanks
  • Thanks...Turns out it was legit...Medboy says it has to do with tax reporting requirements.
  • @medboy ....Thank you
  • (Off topic but)...Have any Coinbase users recently received a notice/email saying we have to RENEW our PHOTO ID by Feb 2nd or we will be blocked from SENDING BTC....I normally DELETE most Coinbase emails because they are FAKE/SPAM attempts to access…
  • I just received an email from Coinbase stating I have to UPGRADE my ID PHOTO by Feb 2nd 2023 to be able to continue SENDING BTC or my services will be SUSPENDED on that date....Have any Coinbase users received this notification....I have received …
  • Concerning order check out this evening....When I placed order for 1/4 oz (outdoor) the order total was $75 as expected but the Bitcoin amount to be sent was for $55 1/8 oz....I tried the order a 2nd time with the same result ?...So I decided to con…
    in Merlin's menu! Comment by Katy May 2022
  • My Fidelity debit card was blocked at COINBASE for no reason?...I had previously set up a CHIME account last year and it took 20 minutes to activate the debit card and fund the account with CASH at WALGREENS...MY QUESTION = If my Chime bank account …
  • My Fidelity debit card was just blocked at Coinbase for no reason?..
  • Have made 4 orders from an organic CA online dispensary since Oct 1st....Each order placed on a Thursday (before 12 midnight) with tracking provided by the dispensary....All 4 orders delivered to my Box that following Monday... Very consistent !!
  • Placed an order today with another CA online supplier....When LOUD's back to normal due to their USPS issues in Washington....I plan to come back...But like I said last week it is hard to cut CC any slack when they decide NOT to offer quality produ…
  • I have been receiving other USPS packages from Washington State on schedule lately usually around 5 business days to Texas...Purchased product on Ebay today WED Oct 6 with scheduled delivery date this Tues Oct 12... So no delays ?
  • Being an older guy smoking Santa Marta Gold back in 1980...Your correct weed like that is a rare find ....Working at IAH Houston Airport paid $125 for a 1/4 LB unloaded right off the plane from Miami by friends working at SW Airlines...Beautiful gol…
  • I just do not see how CC can be here for long...There I said it !
  • Does anyone know what state MMM is shipping from ?
  • Still waiting on ANY premium reviews ?
  • Waiting on some reliable reviews before I buy from this Shipper..!
  • Well...There does not seem to be much interest or buying of Loud's other PREMIUM strains...?
  • The Shipper should know if one of their cannabis strains has not been flushed properly...and should remove it off the menu....Otherwise a RED FLAG ....KUDOS to LOUD & MEDICINE MAN for their quality control efforts since the beginning !