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  • @ theprofessor, I have never bought from a dispensary. I am a veteran and I have thought about it. Do all dispensaries give military discounts like that? Just curious thanks for your time.
  • Thanks @superman38NC , I ended up buying a few different strains from another seller. But thank you , I appreciate your feedback.
  • @superman38NC, i'm looking at placing an order and I was looking at the Premium - Tropical Runtz Looks awesome in the picture. Is this what you found in seeds in though? I'm not gonna pay premium and get seeds. Was it the same or was it a diffe…
  • I ordered like seven items from Amazon 4 different deliveries on Prime Day and Nothing came by postal ,all Amazon delivery. In fact I order from Amazon a lot or the family does and I don't remember the Postal Service delivering anything for quite a …
  • 🤣🤣
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  • Yeah, I'm not really sure. It's just that they gave two different answers. It doesn't really matter at this point anyways, I'm not gonna get anything.
  • Happy Trees, you say you're going to stop selling it because you're not selling that much anymore and you want to run the stock out and yet you have people that want to buy what you have but yet you won't let them buy but just one at a time? That …
  • @happy Trees, ? You respond but you don't answer the question? Instead you say you're not selling enough and you're probably not gonna carry the product anymore OK that's fine, so can we buy more than one at a time. 😏
  • OK well that makes sense. They're dropping off at a dropbox and I understand a lot of those aren't picked up daily. Allot of this conversation a long time ago could've been cleared up by saying that it's possibly because of drop boxes and if that wa…
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  • And how is this the post office's fault? Look at what you posted, label created on the 16th USPS waiting for item , meaning they don't have it yet. the 20th USPS received the item, meaning they just received the item and scanned it. How do you figur…
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  • 🙂
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  • However, as long as you get your package before 10 business days, we have fulfilled our promise. If not, just shoot me an email.) I appreciate you saying that again so I can actually respond to that. I understand that, I respect it and I've gone …
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  • As far as the closing of the post, I don't understand I thought we were having a discussion, nobody was calling anybody out, there was no name-calling ,there was no swearing, there was nothing but or recent experiences and opinions and then its clo…
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  • I have to agree I have Kush Mints and I really like it, and on another note, probably shouldn't be posting your email address in the forms. Not a good idea we're supposed to stay anonymous.
  • Superman38NC, one of my most recent orders from loud was the same way literally did not show a label created for about a week or so and then once it showed the label created it was actually here in like three days so I don't know. And thanks again I…
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  • I'm sorry, medboy, but I disagree. I don't buy that, because it's not an issue ever with happy trees and it's not an issue with any other thing that I order. The post office isn't keeping that in the post office for a week, and there's nothing you c…
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  • Just want to add that I'm not looking to bash any of the shippers or this website or anything like that I've been very appreciative to everything they've ever done for me throughout the years I'm just stating my dissatisfaction at this point of my e…
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  • That's kind of a long question, I've been buying here since 2015, different medboy at the time and different shippers, and my favorite shipper medicine love left. When I first found this site, it was actually four of us. We would all get together an…
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  • OK then they just deleted my post altogether. I had someone send me a response to it when I went to go look for the post it was gone and that was just a few days ago. I don't think they appreciate my question and I'm not gonna repeat it because obvi…
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  • Not sure if this was one of my recent post, but it seems to have been deleted. If so, thanks medicine man maybe I would not have had to ask the question if things were a little bit better here. Thanks again. Have a nice day 🙂
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  • Mine says Safari cannot open the page because it can't connect to the server?
  • Yeah, me also, I'm not interested in these anymore. I was thinking about getting five or six packs but at this point I've moved on. 🙂
  • I see Merlin posted on other post, but didn't respond to this one
  • I would like to know the answer to that question also, how many packs for discount?
  • Nothing rude about that response and this isn't a where is my package post 😏
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  • While I didn't get a lot of comments on the Mac and Jack. I do want to comment on Ethos Apex.. I bought some of this not too long ago also and I have to say I bought it because it had a Lotta good reviews. I personally ended up not liking it, now th…
  • I didn't think so but I wasn't sure I thought I'd ask? But the article does mention how the prices of weed has bottomed out or dropped out and I believe they're talking about raising prices here? At least I thought I saw that in a thread somewhere m…
  • Thank you if I would've known that I wouldn't have ordered from them, most times I order from HT even when I want something from someone else because of the fast shipping times but the past couple times hasn't been so in fact I ordered I believe on …
  • So your package from happy trees got taken, but your package from Merlin did not? Thats kind of confusing. I just ordered from happy trees makes me nervous maybe I shouldn't have 😏 Thanks.