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  • MM said last year he wouldn't be adding DMT but as laws change the menu might too. I honestly hope he does tho. I've been trying to get ahold of some for a few years now...
  • I ordered an ounce and hubby and I ate 1/4 each. Got the giggles for the first time in a long time and watched Seinfeld for a bit. Colors were a bit more vibrant for a bit and I had a little bit of nausea.Overall I'd definitely buy again for sure! L…
  • @groundscreeper I like em. I've used the refills for vaping and making my own edibles and it's been perfect for me. Plus way cheaper than pre-fills.
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  • @groundscreeper I know we ended up with the same issue. I wasn't thrilled with my replacement either but I think there are just SO many orders with Covid and whatnot that maybe they got overwhelmed. I've been ordering from Loud with no issues and th…
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  • Yeah happened to me at Tao in NYC July 2018. I was on a business trip and out to dinner with two coworkers. Last thing I remember is having a glass of champagne after dinner. Hands down the worst night of my life. I flew home a day later and the loo…
  • @Jdtokes man I ordered MAC yesterday! I've never had it so figured it's time lol. Got that and Alaskan Thunderfuck 😂the names kill me
  • @maryjanelover11 I just moved to NC in Feb because my husband's job promoted him. We hate it. Now that Covid hit and we literally moved our lives out here they make his position remote at least until 2022 🤦‍♀️. Our lease is up Feb and we're leaving …
  • I sang this as I read it 😂 mine should be here today
  • I get my order in the next day or two. I had a free gummy in last week's but I'm hoping to get this!
  • My son comes in this morning after playing in the yard and tells me the yard is yucky and has a bunch of mushrooms in it. SO MANY different mushrooms but I don't know anything so 🤷‍♀️ if they are good. We've had a ton of rain and live in a wooded ar…
  • I was wondering how to use Diamonds as well because I have no idea what they are lol. @groundscreeper can you provide some wisdom?
  • Just got mine and shared a bowl with my husband. Description is pretty spot on. It's great guys. Get some before it's out 🚀🛸👽👑
  • I really loved Strawberry Dream 🍓
  • @BMan just my opinion but I think in the next few years we will see it legalized everywhere just because our economy is gonna have to recover from this pandemic. That's a quick way for the government to get their money back.
  • Mine should get here tomorrow!
  • @groundscreeper I had the same thing happen and they took care of me.
  • @groundscreeper well hell you're my friend too telling those little tidbits! Thank you!
  • @suchacutie89 I have in medmama's vape refills and smoking now. Great daytime strain! I ordered some of the flower and waiting on it!
  • Agree with everyone else. Light head buzz but nothing to write home about. Helps with my nausea tho so that's amazing. It will hold me over until my Loud order gets here. I have a feeling the zips I just got are gonna be good 😁
  • @nefgreen yeah and honestly I can see why they would. Gotta be careful and C.Y.A! I've read a lot on shroomery and figured legally speaking getting spores is the best option for me. Plus I love growing plants so thought I'd give it a try since I'm s…
  • @nefgreen that's one of the ones I was looking at. You've sold me. They'll get my business!
  • This is my next purchase I hope 🤘 I've looked into a few places online but havent made a definitive choice on where I'm getting mine for "scientific research" 😁
  • Anyone try this yet and have a review or pics? Just got mine in and about to try it. Buds I got are tiny but I think I just got what they had left as they were running out. As long as it hits good and weighs the same I give zero shits about that per…
  • @groundscreeper they will make it right I can promise you that.
  • Thank you all for the kind responses! We just moved to the East coast in Feb because my husband's job was transferred in the middle of all this health shit and then Covid. And then my dog died in April and he was my little buddy. I'm just like "NO M…
  • I got some sent to me as a sub and I don't care for it personally. It wasn't until I smoked some and felt nothing that I then looked at the bag and noticed they subbed cotton candy 1:1 for the gelato I ordered. Seems like regular old CBD. Just my op…
  • @Theboyua thank God I actually screen shot my last order and need it to send to MM for an issue!
  • Oh @Jdtokes I forgot about Lambs Bread! That's a great one too!
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  • If I had to recommend just one it would be blue dream! I get the vapes purely for convenience and to be more discreet, but prefer flower. I have PTSD, SLE Lupus, and MS. If you go with the syringes instead of the pre-fills make sure you have some em…
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