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  • @MoonMan5 it went from pre shipment on Sunday to expected delivery Wednesday. To delivery today. Total time from order to delivery 11 days. Not bad IMO.
  • @MoonMan5 My order from Loud just updated! Supposedly for delivery tomorrow. 11 days from ordering!
  • @LilWitchyGrl am glad you got updated info. My is still stuck on pre shipment.
  • @LilWitchyGrl that’s exactly what is happening with my orders. I ordered from both on Wed. Received my Mama order yesterday. Loud created label on Sunday and it is still no movement whatsoever.
  • @Higheveryone23 I totally get you! Am in the same boat.
  • @whatever1956 Nice! Let us know how it is!
  • @whatever1956 i was wondering the same thing. I also saw that Loud have some chocolates as well.
  • @icdeadpeople i know it sucks that USPS is not reliable as they used to be.
  • Something weird is going on. I placed an order with both shippers. Medmama is on its way, however Nothing from Loud & Co. Does anyone know if Loud is running behind on orders? It would be nice to get a notification once the order is shipped like…
  • Just received my Medmama order of Mendo Breath and Alpha. Ordered Monday March 1st in the afternoon. Also ordered from Loud and supposedly is on its way for delivery on Monday the 8th.
  • I just got my order in and am enjoying this strain a lot! This is special! I am snowed in and I don’t care after my mailman deliver the goodies! Stay warm!
  • @ChunksEggo8187 i got mine yesterday as well and am doing the same. I did try a little bit and it was great! Love the relax high but not couch lock. Am sure if I smoke more I would have be down for the count. But, since it was a taste i enjoyed it.
  • I just got a package today but reading this, I will be putting an order for this one. I love reading your reviews!
  • Wow! I just tasted it! @georgetirebiter You were right the stems aren’t good looking but, man! I just vaporized some and I totally feel it. It is very smooth!
  • Hard to make a decision, great offerings right now!
  • That’s awesome! It is great when it happens. Enjoy!
  • Wow, that’s beautiful! Thank you for sharing the pics! Enjoy!
  • I got my Jager today along with magic melon, apricot mimosa and blueberry muffin. Can’t wait to try them. Hope you are all enjoying your Saturday!
  • @dennyt I was wondering the same thing. Am very intrigued.
  • @Stab_Snipers did you get your MedMama reshipped order? I got mine a few mins ago. Now am just waiting for my Loud order that should have arrive today per ID and it did not. Thank you @medboy and @medmama! You guys rock!!!!!
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  • Yeah!
  • @medboy, Thank You for saying that! No judgment, is just it doesn’t have any medicinal value.
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  • I just picked some while I wait for my orders and it is so mild that I would have to smoke a ton, to hopefully feel a bit of a buzz.
  • @Stab_Snipers yeah, I am in the same exact boat. Medboy and MedMama reshipped mine yesterday. Back to waiting!
    in No label Comment by mpou10 January 2021
  • @icdeadpeople have you contacted them? I would, it might be lost.
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  • I just used the Contact form as my order from Med Mama is MIA. My other order from Loud seems to be moving but at this point I won’t hold my breath.
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  • @Rubygirl816 i was wondering who got a box... 🙄
  • @fm_25 yeah I got to orders out there with not scanning whatsoever. Hopefully we will get our meds soon.
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  • I have and it is a great sativa. It is great for when you have a lot of things to do as it keeps you focus and energetic. Enjoy!
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  • @Zackarrry i have the gum drops and I really like them. They aren’t super potent if you only eat one but for me they do the trick.