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  • Funkynugz, what does BRD stand for?
  • Well— I think I jinxed myself. I just tried to buy what Bitcoin I needed for an order here TWICE because both times it said “Deposit Successful” ( or something like that) with the green check mark underneath, but no money has been added to my walle…
  • Awesome- thanks!
  • Great! Thanks!
  • Yes! I’d like to try the tinctures!
  • Hey BigLew— it’s just what I’ve always called a conical joint. Normally that shape because you make a cone-shaped filter from thick paper or thin cardboard, place it in the end of the rolling paper, then fill with cannabis, and roll... as you roll i…
  • Man... now I wanna know what “other” stuff they’re talking about!!😂🤣🤣 Hey Jk73 ( or Medboy!)—which vape oils have you tried? As indica-doms go, would you recommend Zkittlez or XJ-13? Please keep in mind, while mulling this over, that I’m primar…
  • Okay... so... I THINK it may have been the first Bitcoin app that showed up in my App Store?? Or maybe I googled “bitcoin” and it seemed the least formidable and intimidating to me? It’s been a couple of years, but, knowing myself, I would’ve gone t…