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  • @G4D2P0 thanks for sharing your insights, it definitely helps a lot. Sounds like we are on the same page with the smaller doses. I'm still working my way up to the larger 2-3g doses but haven't gotten there yet. Looking forward to my first trip!
  • those mushies sound legit @G4D2P0. How much do you usually dose for depression? My go-to dosing has been taking a minidose (.35-.4g) every 3 or 4 days. Sometimes I'll vape some flower after the come up which can be a pretty good time.
  • @G4D2P0 I haven't had a chance to try the Makilla Gorilla yet. I'm still working through some Golden Teachers I got a while back. Have you tried Makilla Gorilla and if so, do you like them? It's great to see so many different choices on the menu.
  • @G4D2P0 thanks for sharing your insights. This strain sounded awesome based on the leafly reviews and now I'm sold after seeing your review! @MerlinsMagic your flower strain offerings and packaging/shipping have been top notch. Also the shrooms h…
  • Looks 🔥! What'd you think of the Truffle Cake's effects @G4D2P0?
  • @TheProfessor thanks for sharing that review - the Face Melt sounds amazing! Glad it didn't make it tough to sleep and was very relaxing/pain free. I'm planning to grab some when Merlin posts new menu updates. I think Blue Dream Haze was mentioned a…
  • @TheProfessor makes sense about not wanting to try the Face Melt too late & that Dosilato sounds very chill! There's so many different types of strains to choose from lately which is pretty sweet.
  • @Sixwaychili I'm guessing that was a typo in the last sentence but it had me lol'ing. thanks for that 😂 Completely agree that it's great to see indica lovers branching out into some of the sativas (and vice versa). What an amazing plant!
  • @TheProfessor thanks for posting so many of these awesome, informative reviews! What do you think of the Face Melt effects by the way?
  • @OzBaxter nice review! I am a pretty big fan of this outdoor Tangielope. The creative, focused buzz combined with the lack of too much tiredness on the comedown makes it a great medicinal option during the day. I didn't find it to be a bad option…
    in Tangielope Comment by fm_25 August 2023
  • @justaguy I'd suggest using a free intermediary wallet and sending from the exchange such as Coinmama to that wallet first. Then re-send the crypto from the intermediary wallet to the specified medman wallet. It adds an extra step and some minor add…
  • I ordered before the description went up on the site and forgot to mention a preferred substitution. Hopefully I ordered quickly enough that it won't end up being an issue anyway. Super stoked for the Tangielope. This new drop from @MerlinsMagic lo…
  • thanks for posting that review @TheProfessor! I've really enjoyed the Zookies I've had because it's made music sound even more amaaaazing. Also, the full body buzz & warmth is great.
  • @TheProfessor the Snickerdoodle Haze sounds like a keeper! I'm generally a bigger fan of Sativas but Indica dominant strains have grown on me and I have learned to appreciate them more the last couple of years. I'm excited that the Snickerdoodle Ha…
  • @TheProfessor Nice!! I'm probably going to order some pretty soon.
  • @TheProfessor your reviews are awesome. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. It is much appreciated! I saw in another thread that you got some Snickerdoodle Haze. Did you try it yet and if so, do you like it? Edit* Sorry didn't m…
  • @G4D2P0 Hoping you get the shipment soon instead of the new tenants lol. That would be a pretty nice housewarming surprise for them though.. If the package doesn't arrive 14 days after the order was placed, I'm guessing you could reach out to med…
  • @G4D2P0 I also had a merlin label created on 6/15 and no movement since then. Hoping that changes today after Monday's postal Holiday
  • When browsing the menu a couple of weeks ago, I noticed an ounce of Indoor flower from Merlin was $210. Now it's $230/oz. for all of their Indoor. The Greenhouse pricing seems to have increased as well because it went from $195/oz. to $210. The …
  • @Tommyandpolly2021 good to know! Do they hit pretty nicely compared to metal?
  • Agreed that it's got to be a glitch on the USPS side based on the responses. Never a dull moment with Informed Delivery haha. Cheers!
  • @TheMad710Chemist I use a battery that requires the cartridge be screwed in (Vessel Compass). I did see the ceramic 510 is in stock but it seemed like the metal would be better in terms of lasting longer/better hits so I may just wait for that to be…
  • @TheMad710Chemist good stuff - thanks for the feedback. I will likely order a few pckt 510 threaded empty carts when they come back in stock.
  • @KannaMannnn Good to hear. Added bonus that they can be dabbed. Thanks for the feedback!
  • Has anyone here had good experiences with the Merlin vape refills?
  • @medboy Awesome to see the new flower for Merlin and I'm looking forward to ordering some. FYI the new flower options are not available on the order page yet. **EDIT I see they are available to order now. Thank you!
  • thanks for consistently putting shrooms on the menu these past few months!
  • @mpou10 @icdeadpeople I ordered from MedMama on 1/5 and no label or product yet either.
    in No label Comment by fm_25 January 2021
  • ^^ Forgot to mention that I ordered from Medmama
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