Grape ape



  • Haha I thought that too. According to the tracking they supplied The label was made 5/9 and never went past “pre shipment” though, so that would definitely be a surprise! Here’s hoping!!! 😅

  • @Slapjack hey bro mine just got "accepted" even though it says USPS picked up package which means its usps fault for taking so long to pick up the package. The label was made on monday. Expected delivery is surprisingly friday the 29th. Should be a weekend filled with smoke (knock on wood)

  • Also I'm definitely going to try some of medmamas outdoor strains they just posted. I spent so much money but w.e you only live once apparently lol

  • Wow informed delivery originally had expected delivery for the 29th now its the 30th... :(

  • @maryjanelover11 mine was updated to ID says it will be here Saturday

  • Welcome to usps during covid 🥳
    Im honestly glad I don’t have tracking. It’s more stress than its worth!

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    My replacement grape ape arrived.

    Haven’t opened yet, but through the bag it looks AWESOME!

    Lots of orange hairs. The buds look FROSTY! They honestly look like someone rolled them in keif ❤️

    I may break down and open soon!

  • @Joha do it dude. Come to the dark side and open that sucker up. Grape ape is AWESOME ! it gets me friend every single time

  • This makes me excited to get back home and open my “grape ape” package I ordered almost 3 weeks took a trip around the country and finally arrived while I was away..waiting beside it is two other packages of sample bud and diamond goodness :-)..

  • @superman38NC It took a trip around the country LOL! enjoy it grape ape is a top shelf strain !

  • Thx @maryjanelover11! About to go finish my J of it..tastes so good vaped or shelf for sure! One of my new fav’s

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