Grape ape

Anyone try the grape ape?



  • Believe it or not, I got mail delivered today on freaking Memorial Day. And in that mail was some Grape ape and I guess, lucky for me, the last of the XJ-13. My Memorial day has gotten even better! I’ll let you know on the Grape Ape later on when I’m ready to take a snooze.

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    Bro u are so lucky my super lemon haze comes tomorrow can’t wait 😊

  • Waiting on more premiums @medman

  • I got a quarter of Grape ape and a quarter of Pink Grapefruit ordered they still didnt make the shipping label. I ordered on thursday had the money in by friday 2 AM... I hear the grape ape puts people to SLEEP !

  • If possible throw a few pics of the grape ape on here just curious what it looked like

  • @Letsgethigh420 oh i definitely will. I'm going to do that for every strain I get from now on be on the look out for them fire pics

  • @Letsgethigh420 its still not even shipped yet tho

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    Wish I could tell ya. Ordered big amount on 5/7.... still waiting... No update yet... 🙁

  • @Joha that's crazy man what is ID saying ?

  • Dont have it, cant get it. Waiting on update from MM.
    No info yet. Just a long weekend of limbo 😅

  • @Joha that’s a long wait I would be stir crazy if mine takes that long I made a loud order last week because of their selection for a oz that still hasn’t shipped so far if it doesn’t come this week I’m probably just going to stick with mama all of their orders have come in a reasonable time five days max from day of payment confirmation

  • @Slapjack What day last week did you order it?

  • @maryjanelover11 it hasn’t been that long yet it was early Friday morning there’s a pre shipment label created but Usps hasn’t received it yet I guess I’m just used to mama’s speedy delivery time this is my first order from loud all the others have been from mama I haven’t started Wiggin out yet hopefully it will be here by the weeks end

  • @Slapjack I also sent in the money by 2 am friday. I got a pre shipment label made today. Sometimes USPS picks it up so maybe they are taking a bit longer than usual. Trust me the extra days wait is worth it

  • @Slapjack also yesterday was memorial day usps doesnt run

  • @maryjanelover11 I know it’ll come sometimes my anxiety gets the best of me especially when I’m low on green

  • Well despite still waiting this time, i did have it last go around and really loved it. Hence the big order this time. Would be a huge bummer to find out the amount I ordered this time is lost 😭.

  • @Slapjack My anxiety is starting to kick in... No weed left and they still haven't shipped the order.. The shipping label was made on the 25th... still no movement. Did yours move yet ?

  • @Slapjack you make a good point about the shipping times. whenever i order from medmama it comes way faster than a loud order. Medmama sends it to the post office the same day the label is made

  • @maryjanelover11 no mine hasn’t moved yet still waiting and yes mama’s orders get to post office normally same day label is made

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    The fastest shipper and best strains goes back and forth between Medmama and Loud over and over and over again. There is no right answer about which supplier is 'better'. The only thing I try to do is order from the same shipper so I only have to worry about one package at a time.

  • @maryjanelover11 I wish I would of just held out and waited for them to put up more strains and made a mama order because their shipping time is wonderful even with no freebie I couldn’t complain because it got here so quick I’ve made multiple mama orders they all got here within five days of ordering if I order on a Monday it’ll be here no later than Saturday

  • @Slapjack dang man now im going to be without weed for a while if they still haven't shipped it. @Sixwaychili They both have top shelf stuff but in all honesty medmama delivery is better. Its superb. The first time i ever grabbed it came in 3 days... No lie, 3 days is all it took including the day the shipping label was made. Now it takes 4-5 days at most from day they receive the money. Loud is a bit different. They received the money early on the 22nd yet still hasn't been shipped till now. It was like that the last time i ordered from them too but things happen. I guess we missed the cut off time for last week shipments.

  • @maryjanelover11 hopefully they’ll be in the mail this week will let you know if anything changes

  • @Slapjack same here ill let you know if mine moves or what happens

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    I understand @maryjanelover11 about the delivery, but trust me, they go back and forth. At one point in time, Med Mama was about 1/10th as fast as Loud. Back and forth they go, always. I swore off ever ordering from each shipper a handful times only to smartly reconsider.

  • 😞 looks like no grape ape for me. My 5/7 order either never shipped or got lost or something. No idea what they’ll sub. 😕 bummer. Big loss.

  • You may receive it in a few weeks and be the luckiest too...

  • @Sixwaychili Lol I don't have a problem with either of them I think they both have great bud. I order from both back and forth. Im hoping they ship it by today so it can arrive by sunday-monday im looking at a couple of kushless days again :(

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