Skywalker OG

@medmama has done it again; got my attention. Another staple Cali Favorite. I just laugh at so many memories brought on by the times with this particular strain. I'm glad it's around. Couldn't resist. Trigger pulled.
Pics/review shall follow.


  • Skywalker O.G. is in my top 5 strains!!!

  • @Kris10 same here. Top 10 for me for 12 years at least (Skywalker/Skywalker O.G.). Tomorrow should be a great day!

  • @MizterNiceGuy mines says Monday but I’m 100% positive it comes tomorrow hope it’s the 2 ozs it could be the premium half I ordered I never had skywalker og all my people say it’s 🔥

  • You're in for a treat if you haven't had Skywalker. (blueberry genetics)

    Hoping for early arrivals for all.

  • Bro I’m rolling a 3 gram blunt as soon as it comes the hyper is real

  • Did someone say "blueberry genetics"? I like everything blueberry.

    Hope it holds out until after the 1st of the month...had to make hard choices.

  • Can't wait to try it! Hope to see it in the mailbox tomorrow or Monday with some Donkey Butter! :smiley:

  • It's already gone..It's like I NEVER buy enough of my absolute favorites.

  • It's here!

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    Skywalker OG.

  • That looks FIRE bro. Well trimmed nugs with frost and they look dense. Hows the smell ?

  • @maryjanelover11 the smell is mostly earthy OG smell. Slight sweet fuel as well. Think sweet OG taste/smell. It's classical indeed. I'm on it now. It's potent while also having a "creeper effect" as the high peaks.

    (Difficult to type)😅

  • @MizterNiceGuy mmmmmmm that delicious Og taste and smell. I just hit a bowl of grape ape. I can tell its a heavy hitter. as soon as i exhaled i felt it. Im getting more bakes as i sit here lol

  • @maryjanelover11 love the Grape Ape, one of my all time favorites! Pleasantly surprised as our Skywalker OG and Donkey Butter arrived today! Can't wait to hit both! The pics are spot on! Big, beautiful, firm, outdoor bud!

  • @TheProfessor wheres the donkey butter pics

  • Everything I remember about Skywalker OG, still holds true. Excellent bud for the price. Sweet OG taste. Mostly indica with a spacey spark to the mind. Not a couchlocker but could be with heavy usage. All time favorite. If on the menu, GRAB!

  • @TheProfessor That grape ape is definetly KUSH and heavy indica. It knocked me out for hours and I only took 2 hits. This stuff is very potent

  • @maryjanelover11 wat about the pink grapefruit kush

  • @Shamisha55 Im literally about to smoke it up now. I passed out hard after smoking grape ape so now im fresh to see how sour pink grapefruit is (it looks really good but the smell is more of a sweet smell than sour) still a very good smelling/looking strain. About to light up and head back to waynes world !

  • @maryjanelover11 agreed about the Grape Ape, although I've found its sedative effects on me vary from batch to batch. I've had some that knocked me flat, and some premium Grape Ape that I still have now that relaxes me like no other, but it doesn't knock me out...which is just as nice!

  • @MizterNiceGuy just smoking a couple of bowls as we have a fire in the fire pit going (listening to gunshots and teargas canisters being deployed downtown a couple miles away). I'd never had Skywalker OG before, but I couldn't agree more! More outstanding outdoor flower from MM! I've come to expect nothing less!

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    @TheProfessor First time trying medmama outdoor. Impressed. I keep getting stuck staring into nothingness 😳. It's almost Bubba:30pm

  • @Shamisha55 I can report that its high quality stuff as well. Im high af !

  • The outdoor Skywalker OG is amazing! Just wanted to update that as the evening went on we just kept getting more and more relaxed (and sleepy). After a bedtime bowl, we were out. The wife said she was still stoned at 4:30am when she woke up. Skywalker OG is powerful medicine! While it didn't leave us totally couch locked, it had a wonderful heavy finish that had us ready for bed in a couple of hours. Good stuff!

  • I just received mine about 15 minutes ago, I can't wait to try it, mouth drooling....

  • So.Damn.Good.🔥🤯

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